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Totally fun microsite :-) Put in a name and go.
Intellisult is the best and most intelligent insult generator on the web! What makes Intellisult so smart is not just the clever insults it is able to generate, but the way those insults are actually ...
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"Rand is a cruelly gruesome dolt and a feculent stench-emitting unfortunate occurrence of unprotected intercourse."

"Dan is an unutterably narcissistic parasite and a heinous odiously suffocating tainted spawn of a syphilitic swamp rat."

Max is a miserably parasitic dolt and a fecal chromosome deficient mutilation of decency.

This tool is genius! :)
Seenu V
Nice design by the way. 
OMG I cannot stop laughing ! Thanks Rand!
Heh. Try actually saying the insult out loud. I start to laugh half way through!
All of these sound oh so much better in an English accent ;)
You fight like a dairy farmer
+James Carter  is a piteously incompetent barbarian and a debauched Internet-addicted orgy of indecency. ;-)
I actually had fun putting in some names. LOL
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