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Totally fun microsite :-) Put in a name and go.
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"Rand is a cruelly gruesome dolt and a feculent stench-emitting unfortunate occurrence of unprotected intercourse."

"Dan is an unutterably narcissistic parasite and a heinous odiously suffocating tainted spawn of a syphilitic swamp rat."

Max is a miserably parasitic dolt and a fecal chromosome deficient mutilation of decency.

This tool is genius! :)
Seenu V
Nice design by the way. 
I can't even dare post what it generated - it is all true :D
OMG I cannot stop laughing ! Thanks Rand!
Heh. Try actually saying the insult out loud. I start to laugh half way through!
All of these sound oh so much better in an English accent ;)
You fight like a dairy farmer
+James Carter  is a piteously incompetent barbarian and a debauched Internet-addicted orgy of indecency. ;-)
I actually had fun putting in some names. LOL
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