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Significant wins from SEO folks: Including myself. There's some great specific examples in there, and a few generic ones, too.
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Ooops, page title says 9 and the blog heading says 8, LOL
Useful sharing. Thanks Rand..
Neil Patel created 50 Infographics for $30,000. That's $600 per infographic. And the implication is that this is not just design but also all sharing and placing and marketing around it. WOW! How was that done?

He then says that these 50 infographics drove 2,000,000 visitors to his site. That's 40,000 visitors per $600 investment.

I don't quite believe his figures. Do you?
Good question Ingo. I think it would be great if +Neil Patel could give breakdown of the stated figures.
After getting this post, i learned that your Goal should be clear and you must be capable to apply theories to practical life. 
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