Shared publicly  - had a very messy launch yesterday due to some Twitter/oAuth issues. However, today it appears to be working smoothly (so long as you clear your cookies/cache if you tried to login yesterday).

I'd love to hear feedback from folks (you can leave it here or in the comment below), and would also love help making the site as high quality as possible. The best thing you can do, if so inclined, is to check out the "incoming" page and vote on good staff / flag bad staff or spam.

Excited to finally have this working after some months in development. A huge thanks to +Dharmesh Shah who partnered with me on the project, +Casey Henry for doing all the hard work of development and for the design.
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26 comments there anything it can't do?
+Rand Fishkin I am having trouble with opening archive pages. A bit of a hit and miss, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Update: This goes beyond archive pages. Perhaps a DNS thing or perhaps if you're load balancing one server is not so happy.
+Dan Petrovic Weird. I get all the archives to load pretty speedily (including the one you linked-to)... We'll keep an eye on it and try to repro
I'm really in love with this type of a solution. I am not a Digg or Hacker News type of user, but having something like this that is SO targeted at SEO and inbound marketing is awesome.
I'm actually seeing how creating something like this in other markets could really be beneficial.
Such a great project Rand! All you guys did a great job with it. And so far I haven't noticed any bugs on my end.
Im now wondering if its browser issues as well. I cant login/register with Chrome browser.
Win7 Chrome is working fine for me.
for some reason I still can't register, the same thing as yesterday, Twitter hates me :(
As others have mentioned, because of your OPEN structure, there's a risk that the site might get blasted with nonsense from those unscrupulous people who don't have much common sense, so let's hope the spammy stuff is kept to a minimum.

I added the Bookmarklet and posted an article to the Social category and it worked as advertised. Glad to see you got the Twitter OAth fixed and working well. Any plans to "connect" G+ to your portal?
+Rand Fishkin what are your feelings about submitting our own best content? Obviously in moderation, but is that kosher?
+Christopher West That's the issue from yesterday cached in your browser. If you clear cache/cookies, it should work.
+Neil Ferree Yeah, we've got some moderators authorized to remove posts that look low quality and anyone who consistently submits crap. Over time, we may need more sophisticated systems.
+Mark Traphagen I think it's just fine - just as you'd tweet/G+/FB/link-to your best stuff, feel free to submit it to Inbound. If it's terrible though, it'll be removed/flagged/won't-earn-upvotes.
From Japan , I can use with no matter (yesterday I can't login and Register) . This is very interesting and useful site ! thanks a lot !
Still getting an error trying to register.
nice work ! :) have one suggestion - wouldn't it be best to default to incoming article first rather than hot topics - that way new inbound articles get a chance to be viewed and upvoted - otherwise hot topics will be bound to get more upvotes and comments and there will be huge gap between hot topics and inbound topics - this gives the inbound topics more chance to be viewed?
+ANDY BETTS I appreciate your concern, but other similar sites like reddit put the hot topics up front, and there's a reason. At some point read-only visitors (I.e., those just looking for good content) will outnumber the user-visitors (those who bother to submit and vote), so you have to serve their best interests by putting the best stuff out front. Those who are interested in building the service will bother to click the incoming button and vote. 
Great resurce now that Sphinn in not longer available, I have used in Spain for a while know, that´s sth similar. I miss the categories on the top, a bigger granularity on SEO news (linkbuilding,WPO..categories) and also a search box. I´m gonna be using it a lot as source of info. Many thanks.
Really difficult to read content on the site - some work on typography would likely make it much easier to use. Simply increasing the font size by 3 or 4 pixels and changing to #000 would improve things immensely IMO.
+Rand Fishkin Still same issues after killing all my browser data//history/cache/cookies. PS Using Firefox not chrome - my bad.
from several days, i cant login in why such happening??? twitter popup is working well, when i login to twitter, it has been stop working...
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