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Casino website doing some pretty decent content on the infographic/comic format. Gotta respect 'em for giving the legit tactics a go when so few in online gambling do.
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I'm very glad that I don't work in that niche. It is funny how people complain that they're selling something "boring", for example a toilet, but that really doesn't have to make SEO hard - writing on construction industry blogs for example - there is loads of stuff they could be doing. Writing for a Casino would be much more of a challenge - people automatically turn you down because they just won't link to the site due to the gambling industries association with spam.
I thought this was a scam when i first saw the url, but the comic is amazing!
Great insights, and a very creative idea. I think there are a lot of people with this same problem online, just looking for the magic tea!
You are absolutely correct James, no matter how good the content is people write it off before they read a single word with "casino" in the URL. It's unfortunate, as I the opinion is only helping to enforce the casinos to continue buying links. Glad you enjoyed my graphic, please share it with the world (or your cat... either way it helps).
I can understand the stigma attached to online gambling but not everything out there is spam, there are plenty of iGaming companies putting in the hard work in doing it the legitimate way. I work in gambling and we're attempting the same thing with this infographic and we're even targeting it to our own audience with the horse racing and betting focus. Online gambling really doesn't need to be as difficult or taboo as people outside this industry make it out to be
how many links this infographic made in these 3 months? according to OSE, just one...
Not exactly sure what your comment is all about Stefano? It sounds like you're making a smug point by rubbing my nose in the fact that something I worked extremely hard on didn't kill it? Doesn't seem like a very gentlemanly thing to do. 
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