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God, I hope it don't get that bad lol
I have a "let's pretend to be facebook" column on mine that I don't want. Wish i could junk it.
Nima H
Sounds about right. They're going to monetize it sooner or later
+Cyrus Shepard should've at least used one subject (not 3 completely different ones) for ads on the image. Google is not that inconsistent.

Google+ won't go that route.
Nima H
+Max Minzer Have you searched for actual products on Google lately? Its pretty bad (compared to amount of ads before)
if that was to be implemented in this or a similar kind of way, the network would most certainly lose its users in a heartbeat. I absolutely doubt that Larry Page and his team could be ignorant enough to do this - they must know that users hate this kind of stuff too much to get used to it.
+Nima Heydarian While there's not everything I like about Google rankings and factors today, I'm totally satisfied with searching for things I need. No problem there for me at all. I have no idea what people are complaining about.
If ads in search make you angry, may be it's a good idea for you to read books about pre-Google era.
You get Google for free. Not satisfied - use something else. Or do you want to pay to use ad-free search engine?

+Lyndsy Simon You know - I was thinking the same thing.
In addition, Google benefits greatly from data for social interaction on Google+
I think it can possibly do just fine without ads here. We'll see...
it may happen, but not like that and not this soon lol
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