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Brilliant Google+ branding
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little difficult to remember that right? wouldnt a QR code or a account make it easier for branding? awesome idea though for sure. Like the font too!
Get one at It's not by Google, but is an alternative until Google implements their own, or buys them.
I'm far from sure why this is brillant. Google+ needs to come up with a good reason for people to use the service (which does not exist at this time) rather than a t-shirt that nobody except self-important internet gurus will notice.
+Harold Frank I hope you understand the importance and Google+ has on search results when it comes to your content being found, read and shared. Twitter and facebook dont and will not be able to compete. Change is bound to happen. Everyone thought MySpace wouldnt go anywhere and facebook quickly proved that to be wrong.
The point you are missing +Andre McKay is that the "average/normal" person could care less about Google+ and search results. It is not going to get them to use Google+. The almost 1 billion people that use Facebook do so without giving a second thought to search results. Internet people see the internet through internet shaded glasses. Regular people just want to communicate with their friends.
The best part: It is SOOOO easy to remember the address.... Where are the personalized URLs, Google?
I hate the code after slash, there should be a name not a number
Shouldn't it be "Circle me" rather than "Follow me"?
It's kind of funny that these are the URLs we have to work with.
yeah, QR code, someone is going to miss a digit
This is cute, but it does seem to make it clear to me that +Google+ needs to get some proper vanity url's soon. Who can remember their serial number in the url?
I thought the t-shirt was meant to mock that g+ has no vanity URLs by showing how unwieldy its actual urls are.
+Sreek Menon yeah I've got one of those right now. That's through a third-party non-Google service though. As a business user I'd really like to see something from Google itself.

There were a few other non-Google vanity url services which came our right when Google+ launched and half of them have already folded so things like reliability and continuity are a big issue.

Thanks for sharing the link though, it's a good idea!
Reminds me of a helpdesk call I made. The voicemail announcement said that if you don't want to wait for voice from rep, "type http://...." - most helpdesk requestors have enough trouble with their computer not to go find the // key
+Mark Bennett I know that it is not through Google but as a temp solution or till Google does it by themselves (if they) I think this will work. This service seems to have survived. Have fun.
the shirt looks fake....why have the text at an angle?
lol good point but also he made the shirt so it would not allways be exact
it does look fake though i do agree but its whatever
shirt idk ask him lol u proboly where though
@Lars Fosdal Huh. I thought it was Jamie Stephen. Must have mistyped it.
It's mocking the lack of a profile link for Google plus, something which REALLY annoys me!
this just makes it obvious why google needs to institute some kind of identity url system. no one should be writing down these numbers. Let us pick a name and have
But that would go against their obsession with eveyrone using their real name I suppose.
How would you solve the issue with duplicate names?
haha, I love the shirt! B)
If its real, I think you'd make a shortened version & also print a QR code on the shirt.
i dont know what your talking about but whatever
google have reduced us all to numbers
Doing it wrong. The shirt wearer lacks convex topography.
Advertisements are abundant to the creative mind!
Kind of retarded. How am I going to remember all of those numbers..
Not so brilliant. Who's gonna remember that address? !
vj raj
so many numbers :(
Do it in base36 instead :) (or 62)
A QR code would be far more effective.
hehe Loving these comments. I'm pretty sure the Tshirt is a joke, poking fun at Google and their ridiculous G+ URLs. ;)
Several mentioned - there's also and I totally agree with the need for QR code!
Alex G
lol, it's not brilliant, it's dumb. You won't be able to remember the url... It's better to have your name on the shirt
Agree with you AlexG. instead of that user profile he must use his Name for branding, because it is easier for people to memorize names than that kind of url. Cheers.
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