The Thing that Embarasses Me Most About Moz

We have a core value of transparency at Moz. But, these days, one of the things that frustrates me most is how we're hiding so much of the product we've built. Based on our usage data, less than 10% of any Moz subscriber has ever seen these features even once!

Here's a list of what's in the Moz subscription:

1) Moz Analytics campaigns (
2) Open Site Explorer (
3) Fresh Web Explorer (
4) FollowerWonk (
5) The Mozbar (
6) Keyword Difficulty (
7) Rank Tracker (
8) Crawl Test (
9) On-Page Grader (
10) Link Acquisition Assistant (
11) Competitive Link Finder (
12) Moz Academy (
13) Perks, Discounts & Deals (
14) Q+A (

Below is a concept for extending the sidebar navigation in Moz Analytics across every feature/product/tool we have to help solve it. The idea is that you could visit Open Site Explorer, or FollowerWonk, or the Competitive Link Finder, or Moz Academy, and see the sidebar navigation on the left (similar to how Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools does it).

Feedback is greatly appreciated.
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