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The Thing that Embarasses Me Most About Moz

We have a core value of transparency at Moz. But, these days, one of the things that frustrates me most is how we're hiding so much of the product we've built. Based on our usage data, less than 10% of any Moz subscriber has ever seen these features even once!

Here's a list of what's in the Moz subscription:

1) Moz Analytics campaigns (
2) Open Site Explorer (
3) Fresh Web Explorer (
4) FollowerWonk (
5) The Mozbar (
6) Keyword Difficulty (
7) Rank Tracker (
8) Crawl Test (
9) On-Page Grader (
10) Link Acquisition Assistant (
11) Competitive Link Finder (
12) Moz Academy (
13) Perks, Discounts & Deals (
14) Q+A (

Below is a concept for extending the sidebar navigation in Moz Analytics across every feature/product/tool we have to help solve it. The idea is that you could visit Open Site Explorer, or FollowerWonk, or the Competitive Link Finder, or Moz Academy, and see the sidebar navigation on the left (similar to how Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools does it).

Feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Yes, do it! There were things in that list I wasn't aware I had access to, and would be more likely to explore if they were in an easily accessed menu.
Seth B
Yes please something like this. As a new user I find myself going to the actual open site explorer site than trying to find it buried in the list of tools. I didn't even know about most of the others listed here.
Hey Rand! We've been Pro subscribers for just over a year - I think this is a great idea. I use the tools when in "research mode" but often forget about using them more regularly but have found that the more often I take advantage of them, the better our campaigns and strategies come togeher. Definitely would like to see this in Moz Analytics. 
I think it would be great.  I think of these tools but sometimes cannot remember immediately how to get to them.
The format that you follow for whiteboard Fridays might be possibly useful for teaching subscribers about these features and different ways that they  can be helpful.
Could it be perhaps that Moz is now trying to be too many things to too few people? I accuse Hubspot of this. You don't need the MS Word of features list that no one uses. I may be out of place, but perhaps a little more focus on core competencies is in order?
yes, it's helpful. Do it. Kindly consider to increase the font size too. It's really irritating.  I think UI is not too much attractive or comfortable to use. Need some improvements.
I quite like this approach! If you want a slightly clutter free dashboard, you can simply collapse the sidebar menus initially.
Also, you can have Icons next to their respective product links, so that you can increase the visual recall and can gradually collapse the full product name and use icons instead.
don't be too hard on yourself rand! Moz has an amazing and vast toolbox - not every marketer will need to use every feature. it's pretty typical that in software, a small number of features gets the lions share of usage. That said, the new nav looks nice, and you're on the right track by doing usage analysis. :)
+Rand Fishkin  Don't be too hard on yourself ;).
Yes, the tools have been hidden most of the time. But even if you didn't see your folly today, I still use our Moz account and tools for my website audits. 
I do not like it.Its confusing.I think the size needs to be a little better.its quite compressing.
This style only pushes me to use old campaign manager.I bookmarked each campaign url.
I know many will like it but sorry I am not one of it.This is my first comment on +Rand Fishkin post where i have to say no. I love him for one reason.
Make boring #SEO alive.
Seems like a good idea to me. I use Followerwonk every now & then, almost forgot it was a Moz product.

I could clear at least 3 browser bookmarks if we had access to them all in the one place.
I like it, +Rand Fishkin. I think it would need to be collapsible so it doesn't get too cluttered but it would be great to have all the tools one click away. When I started using Moz products, I had no idea there were this many. Some I've only recently started using. It will definitely make it easier for newbies and experienced users alike.
Yes, please do this. I practically live on the Moz site and always find myself struggling to remember where things are. I shouldn't have to think about it. They should just be there.
I like the idea. It's definitely hard to dig around (I'm always losing the link for the crawl test, for example) and I think this would help get people exploring the site. Then at least you'd know what's popular and what isn't!
would definitely appreciate improved navigation. Internally we really like your new product, but find ourselves (very often) having to search around for tools we have used in the past and want to use again.  With the powerful trust you have built through the way your brand communicates, as well as from how long we have personally followed your blog it has never been an big issue... that being said with any other brand I can think of I would have personally sent in several complaints about difficulty seeing/using tools in the new moz analytics.
yep - more consolidated nav would be awesome!
Thanks for sharing Rand!  Can't wait to get his kicked off. Let's allow users in early to test before we call it fully baked. We can do this very easily with flags.  My 2 cents.  Thanks again.
What you guys own Open Site Explorer?!?! Jk :) yea man open up the kimono!
I would switch the background colors of these side navs. In my opinion, the top one should stand out the most because those are the primary tools for your dashboard. However, the bottom two nav-sidebars have a darker background so they actually stand out more. Also,  I don't like the white text on "Research Tools" or "Subscriber Benefits". I don't think it stands out enough on that gray background. I would recommend having greater contrast between the background and font color.
Good feedback Dan.  Thank you!  We do have a team working on the UI/UX.  Rand's beautiful design jump started the team.  Rand has many skills and design isn't one of them :). +Derric Wise  thoughts?
I signed up to try it out!   Looked around a bit.   Then spent some time reading on it and looking at YouTube videos how to' the time I felt need to try some of the see how they worked,   my time ran out!  :(        So Moz is basically an untested/proven tool for me at the moment.  

I've also have many other "Bigger" fires to deal with.   I suspect it will be a good tool for me to use....(might even help me with current conflagrations ) based on what I've read/seen...   but don't have the time to spend to do it justice unless it can help me now.  
when I'm in moz analytics I often use search to find ose
I'm all for making Q&A more visible to people. I'm biased, but think it's one of the great benefits of a membership.
I do not feel I am getting much out of Moz Analytics, I hope greater accessability to what is included will help change my mind. As I am sure its a great tool.
Hi Rand, how about also adding on the left hand nav ( perhaps bottom) a section for Enterprise users, eg: 'list of internal users', 'most active campaigns in the account'... Ooops but I forgot that we still do not even have multiuser access for Moz tool despite it having been requested by the community over two years ago.., #justsaying
No brainer and is something that I could have used all along in hindsight.
Great idea +Rand Fishkin. I sort of know the other tools are there but because they're not right in front of you, you tend to stick to the few you use most often and ignore/forget about the others.

So yes, I would like having easy access to all the research tools on the left. However, I'm not sure I need to have that second box with the subscriber benefits in view all the time.
Maybe the problem is that you are used to deal with super users like me +Rand Fishkin
I think I've used all of those thing at least thrice in the last 30 days...
By the way, the sidebar menu would be greatly appreciated :)
No more jumping back and forward
Hi +Rand Fishkin, I must admit to have been frustrated by the Moz Analytics interface. I have seen posts by people saying they really like it but I find I always end up returning to Moz Pro. So if this is going to help people migrate across (like me!) then yes, do it :-)
11% of my revenue depends on opensiteexplorer and link-acquisition tool :)
I guess that's what happens as your product develops. Having everything on screen at the same time becomes enormously cumbersome and leads to users turning away, rather than engaging. Over here at Rocket we work on the theory that each page should do one thing well, and light the way to the next thing we do well...
I would like to get started with Moz products.
Absolutely add this navigation. I'm a regular user and I have had to bookmark areas such as as I can never find it through the site. p.s. thanks for getting Competitive Link Finder up and running again (it would be fantastic to be able to easily export that data).
Hi Rand,

You might consider grouping the tools into families. You could then do a one page documentation introducing the families with their principal uses (linking directly to the specific tool).

I've used almost all of these tools, but there's a couple here that even I didn't recognise.
So much yes, and how about having the products displayed for immediate access after login? Pains me to hunt through a journey back from the home page > to products nav > to ignore the trial > to click tools and data > to scroll through the list again. Thanks Rand!
Looks great to me. I think it would be an improvement.
I think the sidebar would be very useful. You have so many cool features that should always be handy.
Fantastic idea, +Rand Fishkin! Would you kindly add GetListed to this list, and make the list collapsible? Would also be nice to make the Help Hub more visible (in addition to Q&A of course!)
+Bill Slawski Great minds think alike! We actually have videos on the help hub to try to help with precisely that issue, and Moz Academy does it with the Whiteboard :-)

+Tony Wright I think that's absolutely a problem. We've made a lot of product commitments over the years, haven't been good at saying "no," and now face a lot of the issues you might expect with regards to maintenance, product improvement, etc.

+Neeraj Thakur Yeah - this is meant to be a crappy mockup that I hacked together, not how it would actually look :-)

+Larry Kim Thanks dude; really kind of you to say!

+Zeshan Noor Wahgra Certainly an accordion style is one way we could address and make it more feasible (like how Google Analytics works)

+Dan Friedman Yeah, as Anthony mentioned and I noted, I'm not a designer. I was just hacking something together to show how it might work (not how it would actually look).

+Peter Lunn Thanks - I hope it's something that will help with MA vs. Pro. We also have been rolling out feature parity (e.g. custom reports and soon monthly timeframes) that should help.

+Rocket Languages Interesting counter example; thank you! I look at products like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, which have a high crossover in users with our audience, and see familiarity and comfort with those extensive left navbars, but this will certainly be a test and we'll watch the data to see if it's an improvement.

+Neil Forrest Huh. It's working for me - please do send in an email to with details. We'd love to dig in and assist.

+Alec Kinnear Yeah, education and onboarding are big components, too. We have a lot of work ahead!

+Zac Parsons +Christy Correll Collapsable is definitely an option. Re: GetListed, we're launching Moz Local sometime soon (shhhh!) so it might need to work with that, but yes, good idea!
It's a great idea. If you make it easier to find, people will use them more often and have the full experience of the product.
Some people just don't have a need for up to half of the tools or subscriber benefits. Why would I want them to be on a persistent toolbar? At least give me the option to hide it if I don't want it.
Love these additions please keep them. I can't count the number of pages I have had to click through to get to the tool I need to use while working. And mentioned above by others I had to bookmark the crawl test tool after it was removed to get back to it easily.

Also I know this is not what this post is about, but I would like to bring up the sites search function. Call me crazy, but I happen to attempt to use it often when performing research on a topic. If possible I would like options to be able to search the Moz blog and You Moz blog individually like you currently can with the Help Hub and Q&A sections. That would be very useful to me and could increase the use of older content in those sections increasing.... :)

I agree. I think this new sticky-dashboard will make a big difference. While it would be cool to customize, this is a very positive UX step. 
Hi +Rand Fishkin, Perhaps useful to add some notifications for each of those functions. Notification will appear regardless of where the user is inside MOZ and provide interesting insight + one click access to the specified function.

My guess is that will significantly increase the traffic on all functions.
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