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Comment Marketing: Yes, it Still Works <---- My latest Whiteboard Friday covers tips, tactics, and a process for how to get real marketing value (along multiple vectors) from participation in comment threads.
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+Robert Wallis I have been thinking of doing something in a similar vein to that.
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Rand Fishkin

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10 Types of Content That Consistently Rank Highly in Google's Informational SERPs

After analyzing several hundred informational search results in Google, I found that 10 content formats consistently ranked in the top spots. -- This week's new Whiteboard Friday shares those 10 alongside a process to choose which one's right for you (depending on what keywords & searchers you're targeting).
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Rand Fishkin

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Can Small Sites Really Compete Against Big, Powerful Ones in SEO?

Yes, it's possible... It's just hard. This week's WB Friday shows 5 tactics I've seen (and used) to do that -->
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Rand Fishkin

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Content Gating: Evil? Good? Useful? It's Complicated
My latest WB Friday:
Have you ever considered gating your content to get leads? Whether you choose to have open-access content or gate it to gather information, there are benefits and drawbacks you should be aware of. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand weighs the pros and cons of each approach and shares some tips for improving your processes.
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Rand Fishkin

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Penguin 4.0 Changes Pretty Much Everything About How Spam Links Affect SEO in Google

This week's brand new Whiteboard Friday dives into what's so different about 4.0 vs. all the prior Penguin releases:

Also might be my new favorite WBF thumbnail :-)
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Highly informative and engaging as always. 
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Rand Fishkin

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Are Google's Featured Snippets Taking Your Traffic? Fear Not!

This week's new Whiteboard Friday is all about how to earn that #0 ranking and get into the featured snippet result (aka "Answer Boxes").
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Hey +Rand Fishkin, I just posted a blog post right yesterday about the same topic: - Argoserv srl ;-)
Try to translate it in English and tell me what you think about.
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Rand Fishkin

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My 8 Predictions for SEO in 2017 <----- Got my scotch. Got my smoking jacket. Got my teddy bear. I'm ready to grade 2016's predictions and make some new ones for the year ahead.
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LOL +Rand Fishkin!
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Rand Fishkin

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Want a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017?

Might I suggest checking out this week's Whiteboard Friday, a special New Year's Eve edition (replete with me in a bowtie and tuxedo jacket):
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Thanks +Rand Fishkin. Happy 2017!
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Rand Fishkin

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How Do You Make a Great E-Commerce Landing Page?

That's the topic of my latest Whiteboard Friday:
From your top-level nav to your seal-the-deal content, there are endless considerations when it comes to crafting your ecommerce page. Using one of his personal favorite examples, Rand takes you step by detailed step through the process of creating a truly superb ecommerce page in today's Whiteboard Friday.
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Thanks. My interests in Moz goes well beyond WBF but arriving at the latest WBFs seem to somewhat elusive.
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Rand Fishkin

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3 New Features Added to KW Explorer Today

Check 'em out here --->

#1) The ability to check rankings on a list
#2) The ability to select KWs (or an entire list) and pass it to a campaign for rank tracking
#3) Better, more accurate, higher coverage volume data (that our tests show is an upgrade from what Google AdWords has)
"I'm still a little embarrassed to admit it, but admit it I must. KW Explorer is the best keyword research tool in the market, period*." 3 brand-new upgrades to Keyword Explorer will make your research easier and more accurate than ever.
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Rand Fishkin

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Can you really "optimize" for Google Rankbrain?

New WB Friday ----->
In our opinion, no, not really. It's not like Penguin or Panda or other types of algos/updates that have clearcut tactics. But, it may still shift some of your approaches to SEO, and that's what this week's episode is all about.
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Rand Fishkin

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Regarding Moz's Shift in Strategy and our August Layoffs...

I finally wrote a post about it:

Any questions you've got, please feel free to ask in the post comments and I'll do my best to answer.
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+Mark Traphagen Sir:THANKS a Lot!!
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