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Protection against Google
I wonder who agrees with this? The longer I blog the more I think that the mailing list is the only stable thing.
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My name is Brian and I approve this message.
Ohhh! Now I get it! On Facebook, I was about to ask what this meant LOL Smart dude, dude!
+Brian Clark - that totally sounded like the intro to an AA meeting. Maybe content marketers need a support group? CMA .... ?

"My name is Brian, and I'm an email user."
"One day at a time, Brian. One day at a time."

Agreed. Google's updates the last few years should serve as a great advertisement for GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp, and others.
I agree about building an email list and have been working on using a lot of strategies that you write about on your blog Ramsay. My list is molecular and grows very slowly. I aim to grow it a lot more in 2014. I'm not feeling tres successful on the mailing list growth results so far. 
just read through the article and as usual I save it and took notes. I've developing my social media strategy next week and trying a paid ads campaign as you challenged in a recent post. i'll be guest blogging this year and already have an invitation from someone who commented on something I said to one of your posts on Guest Blogging [too spooky]. I will explore the homepage header idea and how to redirect a newbies comment to an info page. I need to check keywords more and will do that now that I've decided to only post once or twice a month. So, once again you have been a star Ramsay and given me at least half a dozen practical things to do that will hopefully grow my mailing list.
Ramsay, in your excellent post you mention having a header that can be used as a sign up space. I've seen a few good ones. Is it a plug in? I want to develop one for Life Dreaming 
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