I just got done listening to +Jay Baer's the Social Pros Podcast: Episode 3. If you are not subscribed to this podcast then you are missing out on some great -- real world -- advice.

In this episode Jay and +Eric Boggs had +Lauren Fernandez -- Social Media Manager of Landry's Restaurants. I have to say Lauren is rather incredible. Why? Because Lauren and one other employee manage the social media program for more than 300 properties and 30 unique brands. Some of those brands that you might be familiar with are -- Bubba Gump, Rainforest Cafe and the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.

So these are rather lager and complex social media campaigns, that Lauren is responsible for. And here I am I complaining about how much work goes into managing +Dads On Tech -- a little website on the corner of Hope and Possibilities.

In any event, Lauren mentioned a few pieces of wisdom that I wanted to share:

1. tie a measurable objective into everything you present to management
2. when providing a strategy document it must include: *measurable objectives,
strategies and tactics*
3. ultimately the effectiveness of objectives, strategies and tactics must be measured against its effects on the bottom-line

There are times when the objectives, strategies and tactics have no impact to the bottom-line. So these -- then -- considered a waste of precious resources? What has been your experience?

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