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Ramon Brackett

> Animals and Wildlife  - 
Took this July 4th on my Nikon D7100 with the Sigma 18-35mm. Everytime I use it, I love this lens more and more 
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Quick Question, has anyone ran into any issues with USB C hubs while running any flavor of Linux?

Hub in question is:

Picked it up 2weeks ago and it's been great with ChromeOS so far, but I would like to keep using it once I make the switch over to Linux 
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only issue I have had is mouse connectivity. It is intermittent.  HD's and flash drives work fine, fast and reliably.
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Have you guys seen the new G4 model from HP? It allows virtual desktops without flashing Linux or crouton.... Think this is something we'll get on the Pixel? Do we have it? Haven't looked into it more as sense I was already running ubuntu... 
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+Alan Evans OK, good to know. I have one of those Zotac Zboxes (similar to NUC) and I think I will keep it around for exactly the purpose you describe. My Pixel is arriving in 2 weeks. 
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Ramon Brackett

Discussion  - 
just stumbled onto this.... how may bugs are in the alpha build? stable enough to be a 75% daily driver?
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Ramon Brackett

General Discussion  - 
Not sure it it was covered already and we got good results, but any on notice a lack of speed on the SD card slot? Would it be better if I used a USB 3.0 card and reader itself? 
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It's been said a bazillion times; the SD card slot is connected via USB 2 (as Broadwell only supports 4 USB 3.x ports which are otherwise used by the two USB-C, and USB-A connectors).
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Ramon Brackett

Accessories  - 
Anyone using a laptop riser for their Pixel 2? Was looking into some.... Came across this but $50 is a bit too steep for a stand.....
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I use that stand. It's worth the money. I works awesome, and it doesn't look out of place with or without a laptop on it.
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Ramon Brackett

Crouton/Linux  - 
Just started running GalliumOS on the Pixel and so far it's very nice... Anyone get the sound working on it?

Also, what other Linux Distros have you been running recently? 
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Getting sound working outside Raphael's repository is going to require that sound support gets merged to the upstream kernel.

Please vote for that issue here:
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Ramon Brackett

General Discussion  - 
Anyone get this app to work on their pixel? Have been trying to get it to work with no success....
Access a shared folder of Windows file server (and SMB-based server) directly from the Files app.
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I use it to connect to my usb drive connected to my Asus router.  Works easily every time.  The problems I had were linux related.  My home ubuntu server using Samba gave me no end of issues with this extension.  It had something to do with the Windows protocol that Samba uses and some of the deeper configurations.  My router implementation is perfect for the extension
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Ramon Brackett

General Discussion  - 
Just to gauge interest.... 700$+shipping to the lower 48...2015 i5 pixel. Mint condition with all parts and original box, (also, the write protect screw is removed). It's in a perfect working condition. 
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+Alex Rubenstein email me at rfabrackett at 
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Not sure if it's been posted here yet, but removing the bottom of the Pixel 2 is easier than the first gen pixel. This is good to know if you decide to remove the write protect screw to install Linux without all the boot screens. (I'm gonna try this in about a week or so. Need a few screwdrivers first)

‘ Google’s announcement this morning of the Chromebook Pixel 2 has sparked some interest in what’s the highest end hardware you can currently buy on a Chromebook. The body is the same but under that hood beats a different, more powerful heart and a Google Chromebook engineer has shed some light on those internals over on reddit. redditor /u/iceblink hit[Read More...]
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Ramon Brackett

Shared publicly  - 
Oooooo, interesting 
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Ramon Brackett

Accessories  - 
Any one using a minimalistic laptop backpack or messenger bag? Recommendations? 
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tight - but it fits
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