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Never a Spectator, Never a Spectacle...
Never a Spectator, Never a Spectacle...
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Took this July 4th on my Nikon D7100 with the Sigma 18-35mm. Everytime I use it, I love this lens more and more

Just started running GalliumOS on the Pixel and so far it's very nice... Anyone get the sound working on it?

Also, what other Linux Distros have you been running recently?

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Anyone get this app to work on their pixel? Have been trying to get it to work with no success....
File System for Windows
File System for Windows

Just to gauge interest.... 700$+shipping to the lower 48...2015 i5 pixel. Mint condition with all parts and original box, (also, the write protect screw is removed). It's in a perfect working condition.

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Quick Question, has anyone ran into any issues with USB C hubs while running any flavor of Linux?

Hub in question is:

Picked it up 2weeks ago and it's been great with ChromeOS so far, but I would like to keep using it once I make the switch over to Linux

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Not sure if it's been posted here yet, but removing the bottom of the Pixel 2 is easier than the first gen pixel. This is good to know if you decide to remove the write protect screw to install Linux without all the boot screens. (I'm gonna try this in about a week or so. Need a few screwdrivers first)

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Have you guys seen the new G4 model from HP? It allows virtual desktops without flashing Linux or crouton.... Think this is something we'll get on the Pixel? Do we have it? Haven't looked into it more as sense I was already running ubuntu...

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Oooooo, interesting
Google will let you finance a Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P through Project Fi

Post by +Jimmy Westenberg 
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just stumbled onto this.... how may bugs are in the alpha build? stable enough to be a 75% daily driver?

Not sure it it was covered already and we got good results, but any on notice a lack of speed on the SD card slot? Would it be better if I used a USB 3.0 card and reader itself?
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