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I competed for the second time in a USAPL Meet, and wrote about the experience.

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Excited to officially announce to everyone: I recently accepted a new job with Vimeo and will soon be moving to NYC! 

Hahaha awesome...

"I add you to my google+ account, and suddenly that wall is filled w/posts"

"you have no friends"  goes to "Rami talks too much"

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Finished another post last night! This time a look into my post-workout nutrition.

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Check out the cool app some of my friends made to help gamers setup multiplayer games.

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I recently finished a new post about the powerlifting meet I competed in last weekend, my first ever!

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-- Attention Falcon Pro users -

I've just published v1.6.7 on the Play Store, which effectively resets the app keys and all access tokens.

What does it mean for you ?


If you already bought the app on Google Play :

- After updating, you will be prompted to re-login. This process is quick and should only take you a minute. All your settings, mutes, starred users, etc. will be saved. During the login, the app will check for your Google Play licence.

If you already bought the app on :

- Same as Google Play users. Make sure you got the Androidpit AppCenter installed on your device.

If you haven't bought the app yet :

- The app price has gone up to 1.49€, but you will be able to login normally and enjoy the app even if you never had an access token before.

If you've side-loaded the app :

- The old ap keys will stop working within 24h-48h. You won't be able to use the app anymore.


Hopefully resetting the app keys will clear out a good amount of unused tokens so that Falcon can accept new users for a few months (weeks?).

I'll stay up late tonight to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

The update should go live around 10pm GMT on the Play Store.

Let me know if you run into any trouble.

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Whoa, this is really amazing. Better than most of the Syfy originals out there.
C 299,792 km/s. Great story about humanity needing to reach for the stars to ensure our own survival. Also, it was filmed entirely with in-camera effects (and looks terrific). 14 min of sci-fi at its best.

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We are excited to announce that Status Chart is now in public beta! Go sign up today.

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For the fitness minded: I recently published a new blog post!
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