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Trying our best and what is in our hands to keep Ramgiri going and sharing his wisdom with us all. This is one way to do it. If you're able, please consider donating or spreading the word. Your help is deeply appreciated.
Love, Durga

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Only Love is Real

Hello beloved Friends,
I’m back! As most of you know, in the past 2 weeks I went through cancer surgery followed by 3 days in ICU, 9 days in the hospital, and now recovering in the welcoming home of Leslie and Barry to get my renovated gut back into working order.

I had the privilege of “walking through the valley of the shadow of death,” and it is truly a privilege! I learned many priceless things. First off: Our time here is limited. Of course we all know that – theoretically – but to look out the back door and actually see it, is still a different matter. It really does focus you on what is most important.

What is most important to me is to share with you the love that was given to me in one summer of absolute wonder, in 1973, in a small valley of the Himalayas, at the feet of my guru, Maharaji. It was a love more powerful and elevating than any words can describe and all of us, the small group of Westerners who were there, were forever transformed by it.

As you know from your practice of HeartSourcing – this great Love is in all of us. It is the most precious substance in the world, and it can make us infinitely rich.
Last week, after she had waited for 11 hours for my surgery to end, Durga wrote a note to let you know the outcome of the operation. She asked me if I had a message, and, still under the sway of anesthesia, but perfectly clear about this point, I said, “Only Love is Real.”

Everyone who is born will die. And after that, what is left? What has true and lasting meaning after a life of joy and pain, hope and fear, gain and loss? Only the way we have loved. Love shapes the soul. It awakens it to its timeless immortality, its true nature of bliss.

And just today I received another powerful teaching. A friend came who has been through cancer and with her help we began the second phase of treatment, the exploration into chemo, alternative care, diet, supplements, and so on. When she left I was exhausted and laid down to rest.

And with my head on the pillow, I descended into a depth of love that took me by complete surprise. In a flash all tension melted and I understood that everything – all the cancer, and all the suffering in the world – has only that one purpose: to take us deeper and deeper into love.

Love is what it’s all about. All of life is about love. We are born out of that Love, but not conscious of it. Then we spend a life navigating the treacherous waters of the mind and learning to avoid the cliffs of judgments, desires and fear, in order to eventually reach the other shore of our existence, the shore of enlightened and unchanging Love.

Such Love is empowered in us when we can open to what is most difficult to love. It means being present, fully, with all life brings, even if that is cancer and pain. Can we be present to it without judgment, desire and fear? If we can, we find that the depth of such presence is a love that holds everything.

I am grateful beyond what I can say, that Maharaji guided me so very patiently to the ways of HeartSourcing. From my own experience I know how terrible the obstacles of the mind can be. But the great sages have given us the skills to overcome these obstacles so we can find the goal, the enlightened Love of the heart.

And now, here we are, supporting each other to overcome all obstacles on this journey home … to the heart. I am very grateful you are on this journey with me, and as my heart expands through this experience, I offer it to you. I offer it to you.

In deep gratitude for your abundant love and prayers.

In love, Ramgiri
Ram Ram
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We are excited to announce our April 27 – 30, 2017 all-inclusive Retreat at Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, FL, Ramgiri's home for 25 years. We hope that you will join us for this deep-reaching "Bhakti Yoga" retreat in this hidden oasis. As up to now, this is our only retreat in the US for 2017. Hope to see you there!!
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A #HeartSourcing® Meditation recorded during one of our retreats in Kainchi Dham, India, this past October. Enjoy it! Love, Ramgiri

Edited by Devesh Bhatt
Flute music by Erik

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WE LIVE IN A GREAT TIME, full of promise and difficulties, when darkness is giving way to new light, a time of turmoil, when a part of humanity is transcending the stage of materialism to reach a higher awareness. We are witnessing the birth of a greater ability to use our inborn compassion and wisdom. Our world will not change overnight. Much of the change will be difficult, but inevitably a new consciousness is emerging. We can see this in the appearance of new teachers, teachings, and skills, and it is an intuitive knowing inside our hearts. We are creating spiritual community in countless forms. While we may tend to get overwhelmed at times by the troubles and cares of this world, we can remember the prophetic words of the great sage Ramana Maharshi: “Let Him who created this world see to its maintenance. Meanwhile, find out who you are.” This is the opposite of being selfish; it is the most compassionate thing we can do.

Layers of the old fear-dominated consciousness are being shed like the worn-out skin of a snake. For humanity as a whole it will be an immense birthing process with fierce contractions, as the most unpleasant contents of our collective shadow emerge in a last big fury before they dissolve. But if we open to our own transformation, we point the way for many and make it much easier. And when we fall back into the fears and terrors of our ancient conditioning, we do so only to awaken again each time as the phoenix of consciousness rises from its own ashes. This process of forgetting and remembering, of death, rebirth and renewal, can be dramatic, but it is unfailingly guided from a higher source and completely safe.

When we slip back into fear-based old mind-sets, it helps to remember that the peace we seek is already fully present in us; it is our natural state. Knowing this, we can embrace the astounding reality of what is being born—the brilliant consciousness we are, in freedom and love.

~ Ramgiri #HeartSourcingbyRamgiri
Taken from the book "HeartSourcing: Finding Our Way to Love and Liberation."
Photos: prayers in the form of oil lamps, prayers by people from different places of the world on pilgrimage to the cave where Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) attained his enlightenment, and prayers in the form of flags as a witness of people's devotion and faith. Pharping, Nepal.
Photo credit: Durga
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