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Ramesh Prabhu

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Driving a Ferrari isn’t going to magically make those points on your driver’s license disappear, you know, the ones you acquired while driving that Pontiac Aztec. Neither is buying the top of the line cooking range from AGA going to catapult you into a competition with Iron Chef, Bobby Flay.

If only we could gather EXIF data from the brains of all the photographers that took these powerful photographs. Now that… that would be massive, no?
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Ramesh Prabhu

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Go Bananas!

For #floralfriday  curated by +Tamara Pruessner & +FloralFriday 
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Thank you +Tamara Pruessner!
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Ramesh Prabhu

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Happy Diwali

... to my family, friends and everyone who celebrates this festival of lights. May the year ahead bring you the best of love, health, prosperity, cheer and peace of mind....
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Ramesh Prabhu

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Here is a very nice circle of people (I'm in there too ;) who use Canon products to make their art, some exceptional art, may I add. So, go check out their work, and add them to you list. You won't be disappointed :)
Another great event

Thanks from the +Canon Users team of +Gene Bowker and +John Spade to the great folks who participated in the October 22nd Canon Users Share a Photo event.

Note: You have to circle +Canon Users BEFORE we can circle you back to include you in the participation circles or to reshare your work.

Please reshare with your circles and spread the word about great #canon photography!

See you at the next #CanonUsers  photo sharing event!
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Ramesh Prabhu

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Looking through the #macromonday  theme, and the phrases in my mind as I look through the submissions... "wow", "stunning", "gorgeous", "outstanding", "holy s$$t" (in a good way), "brilliant"... well, you get my point... there is abundant inspiration here!

Nice community you've built up here +Kelli Seeger Kim, +Kerry Murphy & +Jennifer Eden! Kudos to the folks who make these great submissions. Here is a really good one from +Joe McDonald
A submission for #MacroMonday  (+Macro Monday) curated by +Kerry Murphy,  +Kelli Seeger Kim, and +Jennifer Eden.

A small potted succulent showing off :)
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Ramesh Prabhu

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Ramesh Prabhu

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I'm Gotham's reckoning...

...the Bane of your existence Mr. Wayne. When I'm done taking this picture of yours, then you have my permission to die!
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haha, interesting way to look at it ;) 
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Ramesh Prabhu

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Once Again, Dr. Jones...

What's a Wednesday on Google+ better known as? That's right...

#waterfallwednesday  curated by +Eric Leslie 
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Very much man-made +Eric Leslie. This is one of the waterfalls at Duke Farms in Hillsborough, NJ, part of an intricate system of water features around the farm. 

From the Duke Farms visitor guide...
One million gallons of water per day were pumped from the canal above the Raritan River up to Duke Reservoir, where it would then be controllably released to flow by gravity through the seven-lake system and back into the Raritan River—cleaner than when it was initially removed.

This system was used to supply potable water, a fire suppression system, irrigation and the fountains that enlivened the landscape. The lakes’ numbers in this diagram represent their relative elevation above the river.

With this particular waterfall, you'd see water for about 15 minutes every noon, as the water was released from the reservoirs.
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Ramesh Prabhu

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Looking Sharp

I've probably mentioned before, how my eight year old son helps me with photo themes and compositions. It's funny to see him walking around in his own zone, thinking up some creative project or the other. This one was entirely thought out by him.

For #macromonday  curated by +Kerry Murphy +Kelli Seeger Kim +Jennifer Eden +Macro Monday 
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he's got a good eye! lovely colors here. 
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Suburbs of the Milky Way galaxy!

Life expert (my own ;), whole-brained, spiritual, philosophical & creative thinker, big dreamer, technologist, gadgeteer, mind & lifehacker, photographer, micro-blogger, tennis fanatic, software architect & engineer!

If I weren't a technologist, I most likely would've been a photographer. I like almost every sport, but tennis is THE sport I truly love. If you like tennis, you are one of my friends. If you are a fan of Roger Federer, you are my best friend ;)

I love...great food & wine (hey, who doesn't), music that calms the mind, books that stimulate the mind, people who inspire me into action, vacations/locations that take me away from the madding crowd and get me closer to nature.

Other topics that will get my attention... cognitive science, cosmology, quantum physics, philosophy, spirituality, yoga, meditation, alternative health, philanthropy, humanitarianism, vegetarianism, organic living, ancient history, mythology, neuroscience...

I believe that...

...the mind has the power to create (or destroy!)
...the mind and body are connected by the breath & spirituality are two sides of the same coin
...nature has the power to heal
...we all have a purpose for existing
...we make our own luck
...there are no coincidences, only synchronicities
...we attract what we deeply desire
...when we stop caring, we stop thinking
...greatness is defined not by who we are, but what we do

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