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Ram Rachum
Israeli Python hacker.
Israeli Python hacker.

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Did you know? Every time you use the word "inbuilt" instead of built-in, a kitten dies. Just FYI.

Favorite code comment of the day
# Un petite monkeypatch:

Kurt Vonnegut said, "It is never a mistake to say goodbye." I say, "It is never a mistake to `import itertools`."

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Any Git experts out there want to make 150 imaginary internet points? 

My definition for business: Getting a small number of large things in return for a large number of small things.

You know you're doing serious Python programming when you get the error: `SyntaxError: can not delete variable 'x' referenced in nested scope`

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Unbelievable: Wolfram Mathematica doesn't have a function for displaying a number in normal non-scientific notation. (e.g. 125,613,466.72)

I understand how Python's MRO works... I feel like a God.
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