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The Magnificent Doble ... DieselPunk & Lord K - "Probably the best steam-powered car ever. Luxurious. Fast. Fuel-efficient. Terribly expensive. Extremely rare. The Doble steamers of the 1920's were almost miracles of precision, workmanship, performance, reliability and power. They simply ran away from the best of the competition -- Cadillac's, Lincoln's, Packard's, Piercs-Arrows, Rolls Royce, or what have you.As for durability and reliability the Doble had no match. Doble did not guarantee his steam engines for just 10,000 miles, or a year. He guaranteed them for 100,000 miles! ..." lots more photos: below: Doble E-22 previously owned by Howard Hughes
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I've come to recognize your photography even when scrolling up the stream backwards and see the image before seeing the poster. You apparently have a STYLE that is distinctive. Would you like to do a guest blog post on that for where I post on Tuesdays?
+Jacqueline Lichtenberg Thanks, Jacqueline, but it's not a style of photography (most of these are not my photographs) but a way of posting designed to grab attention in the vastness of the G+ stream. It's no secret, being in my book Google Plus First Look and in at least two of my G+ tutorials such as ... but I am always happy to do guest blogs if you are still interested, you can email me at
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