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Egg Onion Rings ... Neatorama - "This ingeniously simple recipe by Donna at Apron Strings requires only eggs and onions for an eye-popping breakfast. These would be great if you’re already slicing onions for omelets." so, who's making us some for breakfast?
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Found Sunday's breakfast!! Thank You!
the simple ideas like this are the best.
very good
please give me one.
Nat Fer
WOW that looks weird!
Cool idea going to make these
What's the recipe? The link doesn't detail the recipe or how it's cooked... I have a good idea but still wondering.
will try it next time I cook eggs
it is t he grossest thing in the world i have ever seen (BARF)
im a acto ovo vegitarian how can u eat thse animals
Exactly Samantha. This is the breakfast of champions.
eating animals with onions just evil
Im making them in the morning the're are right up my alley ...
except no yoke ... maybe a bit of cheese
ewwwwwwwwww===fantastic! I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow. Thx for sharing.
that could taste good or taste like shit but it looks good from a view right?
If I wasn't fasting I would sooo make that!
That looks so good. I need to go buy some onions tomorrow.
yummmm yummmm yummmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy
I love food photography. One of these days, I'm going to try shooting some food... Great shot, depth of field, colors... I can almost taste it...
I got onions. I got eggs,yeeeaaaah umm.Guess what I'm about to do!!!
Yum,Yum... love the onions....but like eyes covered on the
An unfertilised egg isn't an animal. I'd try it.
btw im twelve and know how crool it is u sould to all u older peoplee
Shows you how well our schools are doing, technically it's half and animal, one set of chromosomes.
wow that looks yummy what's the recipe?
Done this....and it is very good...but tried it with mushrooms :-)
Tjhey still look like poached eggs to me. they just have a vetable siding with them.
This will go perfect with the avocado eggs I was planning to cook for breakfast tomorrow!
oka cmp
Healthy Food....................
This was on my mind since last nihgt and I am going to make it today.
Who said poached....Hands up...I'd love to know why you think they are...????? please
you can use a slice of capsicum too.....
Looks great. I gotta try!
My son and I love onions and eggs, unfortunately he is allergic to both. I will have to try this the next time he goes somewhere long enough for me to get to the store to buy onions and eggs.
pun nam
Wanna try this one!! 👍🍳
I could see another take where you pour eggs mixed with diced omelet items into the center. You could make little onion omelet bites.
yummy, look delicious
Kat E
that looks so yummy!
how long are they cooked for?
I made this for breakfast today, made one in an onion and one in a bell pepper slice. Delicious!
wow. never thought of that. Nice.
im not a fan of onions but you just made a new invention
Haven't tried anything new in a while but I will try this for Sunday breakfast!!
its looks totally good to eat for breakfast
Zen Hok
what is this?!?!?
tht looks sooooooooooooo good grrrrrrr ur making me hungry >:(
I'm going to the store TONIGHT to get some eggs and onions.... Love it.
interesting looks good wonder about the taste?!?!?!?!?! ;-)
Zen Hok
some of the thing i not good at english
Zen Hok
the think that people make pancake :3 not milk
Zen Hok
o with onions
For those who dont like undone yolks ya can beat the eggs b4 cooking. Pour in fav spices, serve w/sausage grits and biscuits. Yeah!
Um, + maya garrett, you may want to re-consider which kind of vegetarian you are. You stated you are a lacto ovo vego, which means you drink milk (lacto) and eat eggs (ovo). Clearly you have an issue with eggs, so you can cross out Ovo from your title. And most vegans would think you are disgusting for drinking milk, so lighten up - to each their own.... But I respect how serious you are taking the whole vego issue. 
omg!! never imagined!! thank you for sharing, will have to try this!! :D
How about a fried potato ring with an added egg at the end?
What they do not say is inside the egg yoke is a jalapeno pepper. And placed their to counter the Colresteral problems the Egg gives you.
" ok "   ALLLLLLL    IF Y U DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW. :;' back to school for you.  The seed that planted you "HAS" their own mess to clean up.....duh.......chicken= egg - ?......seeee, those who are left,,we still & always will still need fertilizer to plant the gardens,fruit-WHAT EVER U EAT,HEAR, TELL..........ON THIS BIG BLUE SPINNING BALL.,,, WAS MADE FROM A "seed"><. "BORN AGAIN"   ANYONE NOT PAYING ATTTENTION.......HUT HUT.....FRONT & CENTER._____++=.
SOW                                >?.
AMARILLO TEXAS.....................CAPITAL OF THE wHAT?????/
At less you have less dishes to wash afterwards.
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