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Engineer proposes $1 trillion USS Enterprise ... GizMag - "An anonymous electrical and systems engineer going only by the moniker BTE-Dan has posted surprisingly detailed plans for a full-scale, functioning Starship Enterprise that he claims could be built in 20 years. Though it may be tempting to scoff at such lofty ambition, the Build the Enterprise website (up all of one week) includes specifications, costs, mission plan and funding strategies, all suggesting that a serious amount of thought has gone into creating a real world counterpart to the icon spaceship of the TV and movie series, Star Trek. ..." more:
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Urban F
If it's going to function completely different from the fictional ship, it's going to look very different inside, so why make it an impractical shape? That alone won't secure the funding.
Considering the trillions the US government blew out the window for nothing more then keeping up the same failed budgeting practices, I'd rather see my trillions be spent for this.
at least someone's thinking big in space exploration for a change. ;-)
It'll take a society of enlightened individuals to build something on this scale. Not the idiots we have running the government right now.
Wow. This would be awesome. With the current state of the global economy tho, it looks unlikely. There are so many challenges any government would face trying to push this budget through
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