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Goats on a Tree ... - "... The argan tree is a drought-resistant tree endemic to the semi-desert region of southern Morocco known as Sous valley. The fruit of the argan tree is primarily used to create argan oil, which can be used for in cooking or as a cosmetic product.The argan tree is also frequently assaulted by hungry goats, who will climb the tree and strip it bear of leaves and fruit.The goats are said to have learned how to climb trees out of necessity to survive in this harsh, infertile land. They certainly look like they know what they’re doing, as they appear to move as they please between the branches wand whimsically supporting themselves on even the smallest space. ..." more:
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I love this's in a book I have...or one like it.
Amazing how the natural survival instincts of any species result in unnatural acts. 
I am glad that I did Not evolve from these KINDs of animals.
It is my belief that goats are not of this world. No four-legged creature with hooves could naturally be as nimble as they are. 'Specially the ones that climb on rocks.
You can actually get the 2012 Goats in trees calendar
this is an amazing thing.. never seen this before....
WTF?? I didn't know that goats were light as a feather...
I just don't have any words for this... (bizarre)
they have not only climbed it but gone out on a limb in the process
next some fella going to figure out how to tag them. so we can get some wood for the stove...
This is a page right out of Dr. Seuss!
what will happen if it happens in real life....grazing on the tree
trippy! amazing creatures...almost got a couple once...
Whoa, this is surreal, yet quite funny.
these animals are really smart but i hope they dont fall coz it will be the other way around. ehehe
Something weird...i guest
reminds me of Mark Twain's story in Roughing It about the bull climbing the tree
is it true or manipulated by computer?
is this real?!?! .but in future, it will possible for human also.......
can you imagine being in Marrocco, partaking of some of their best Chocolat and find yourself in front of that tree???;)
Is it possible. I never seen such kind of photos
What most surprised me is strength of branches......goats are not light I guess....
Nice idea
this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen
I'd love to see the look on the firemen's faces when they arrive at that call.
Amazing photo n really make u think of future
why are they on the tree?
Nice i loved this pics
hey Ralph i dont know u but lol!!!!!!
+Ralph Roberts Quite an image!! Hard to believe this wasn't Photoshopped...that guy up on the top left looks way too heavy to be supported by that branch he's on. Compelling to look at this, though... boggles the mind in a wonderful way.
yeah but some peoples are not bleave
What the heck is this, is this real?
goats are climbed for some time not forever
This is an outlandish, amazing photo!!!
This picture is not fake at all....
Do the ones at the botton have acrophobia?
wow, talking about the survival skills for goat under pressure...
@Marc Mitcham It is very possible it is real, you simply have to have goats to realize this is exactly the kind of stuff they do all the time. We have a small tree that all three of my goats love to climb into the branches of :)
Reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book
Those are some awesome survival skills for goats to have. Wasn't there another goat who would just suddenly stay stiff whenever its senses danger?
Goat? it must b stupid one not simple as home made.
Boring. Pirates have documented this for hundreds of years. Next mermaids
i no they will do that i have goats hehe
then goat's are monkeys ancestors ?!...
do monkeys accept evolution ?
Empty stomach goes beyond imagination.
Thanks for the information sir, I did not know this before
Yes I've an this in a printed book once. Great pic.. spider goat spider ghost does what ever a spider goat does.... 
are you sure the pic was not ps?
Wow, awesome, goats that grow on a tree, I mean, they don't stop growing while they're on the tree, right...
Goats using Photoshop to gain attention.
i like it, really its wonderful. very few people are aware about this. nice quotation and photograph.
So glad they're goats and not cows...imagine the droppings
animal on the tree?
I like it ..waiting to see camels next 
LOL..............imagine if that wuz true
it`s amazing pictres,and it is unfortunetely nature insident
i thought it was something from photoshop!
wow i want a goat that can climb a ree
I actually saw the goats doing this in Morocco. Quite impressive really.
ammazing, goats are also climbing on tree.
Amazing ..... I did not know they grow on trees!!!! ........ :-)
Don't be naive. You have to plant goat seed first.
Have I thanked you for the good stuff you send everyday?
Thank you.
naglaingin dagiti kalding nga dagitoy, kumalyat da pay ti puon ti kayu
I always wondered what goat weed looked like...
This is so weird to see. They are smart! Next there will be a photo of pigs flying!
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