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5 Pillars of the Abandoned World: Fallen Institutions, Lost Industry & More ... Urban Ghosts - "[ below: ] Abandoned Stock Exchange, Luxembourg: Urban explorers haven’t shared much information about this spectacular building, and it’s no surprise that those in the urbex community want to protect it against vandals and other unwanted visitors. Reportedly the old Stock Exchange building in Luxembourg, the wonderful stonework, ornate glass and steel roof, and eerie emptiness make this abandoned building a Holy Grail of urban exploration. ..." see all five:
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That is glorious! The "eerie emptiness" as you so perfectly described is captivating. One can just imagine the place teeming with people from days long gone.
It is a good reminder, on this earth day, that what is abandoned the earth will quietly reclaim. Thanks for the share +Ralph Roberts
I'm moving to Luxembourg in some months, and I was looking for photos and infos about Lux on Google, when your post (sapiently located by google on the search page) drew my attention, and this looks amazing...thank you +Ralph Roberts, I'll definitely go visiting it as soon as I move to Lux! :D
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