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Google's new Chrome OS is like a hybrid between Windows and OS X ... Dvice - "The master plan for Chrome OS was to move everybody into the cloud — away from complex file systems and desktops — and towards the Web browser as the operating system. Having failed to build much momentum, Google's giving the OS a more traditional desktop experience — one that takes cues from Windows and OS X. Google Operating System reports that the latest developer channel release of Chrome OS brings a "desktop, taskbar, apps on the desktop, wallpapers and overlapping windows" to the We browser-based Chrome OS. ..." more:
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No compelling reason to switch to Chrome OS. Kubuntu 12.04 suits me fine.
I find it curious that they're continuing the desktop metaphor.
Thanks, +Ralph Roberts it just figures Mario is left out for now... DANG!

"Dubbed "Aura," the new interface is a "hardware-accelerated user interface framework that offers rich visuals, large-scale animated transitions and effects." It's available for Samsung and Acer Chromebooks, but not Google's own Cr-48 genericbook. "
im looking forward to it. I bought chromebook to play around with (samsung) and it's nice. Long battery life. I like desktops verses browser tabs. Gives it a "computer" feel and organization.
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