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Boating at +Central Park

Taken during the summer when I didn't have to drive through sleet and snow to get home :\

For the captains at #thirstythursday  curated by +Giuseppe Basile and +Mark Esguerra 
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Lovely memory to help you get through the winter.
+Ralph Mendoza Yes, but it got way too hot when the Thunder collided with the Heat Christmas day! :-)

So far, Westbrook is laying a lot of bricks again against Dallas tonight. :-(
Now that's a lovely memory... it be like this again before you know it Ralph :))
+Ann Maser summer isn't too far away. Only have to get through some winter months but before I know it I'll be back there taking photos. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend. 
Definitely no snow or sleet there!!  Beautiful scene, Ralph!
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