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PLUS Post Week 4    #gmapp3   #gmapp3auditing  

This week of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers led by +Robin Griggs Wood we dealt with light as the subject and how it is used as a main character to tell a story. This was a fun week to go around shooting lights as the city is festive in decorative lights. I caught this lamp with icicles hanging from it while walking passed someone's house. 

I can't say enough how helpful the other people in the mentorship have been and how much fun it's been so far being in the program. Thank you +Robin Griggs Wood for leading a wonderful program
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I thought for a moment that that was real ice 
This looks like the three wise men :) wonderful my friend.
Thanks +Vincent Dale, it looked really cool. Would think the same thing if I didn't shoot it. 
Oh I'm sure he is. Funny one too , haha.
Lovely one +Ralph Mendoza ; elegant lanterns, with a a touch of whimsy with the icicle lights :)
Happy week of wondeful to you Ralph!
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