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Hey  +Thor Hansen  Just saw this article and immediately thought of that Black Swamp thread
Early ancestors of crocodiles, not dinosaurs, may have been northern Pangaea’s top predator 230 million years ago, according to a new fossil find.
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I've seen that pose in modern 'gators... not for long distances (maybe 8m or so), but small 'gators in shows will sometimes do that. So it's not that incredulity inducing to me... Cool article. 
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Looking forward to hearing more about Night Warlocks...the game about American PBYs in the South Pacific!
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No, that's the Black Cats supplement. 
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Hazardous Adventuring Sites  - 
Real world dungeon maps
A mining village map on display at the Hesburgh Libraries.
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+James Kennedy you can share a post and change the circle to be only the recipient(s)
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Attention Stars Without Number, Traveler, and similarly minded gamers.
To date, astronomers have catalogued over 1,000 exoplanets — some of them rocky and parked within their host star's habitable zone. But a good portion of these planets are bigger than Earth, prompting us to ask: What would it actually be like on a habitable planet twice the size of ours?
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Without claiming any particular accuracy, its an interesting graphic.
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So the more I studied OHT for the start of tomorrow's campaign, the more I find that a) I'm REALLY liking it; but b) I'm increasingly disatisfied with the lack of gadgety-ness with the gadgeteer.

On the one hand its super clever that all of the power using classes are just reskinned spell casters with the spells pretty much ported over whole cloth...but on the other, I want a gadgeteer to feel more like a mad inventor whose powers derive from SCIENCE and steam punk enginneering and less like a Magic-user.

So here's what I came up with...I'm toying with doing something similar for the Shaman...but not really feeling that yet.

Gadget Special Rules
• Initial Gadgets:  Players start with gadgets already built based on their starting powers.
• New Gadgets:  Each new level requires $10/Rank + 1 week/Rank to build from scratch or 1 day/Rank to build from existing plans.

Gadgets:  Each spell is a gadget, an actual physical device that generates / creates the power effect (inspired by the Monster rules).
• Hit Points:  Each gadget has hit points
     o Small gadgets capable of being palmed or carried in a pocket:  5 HP + 2 per Rank above 1
     o Medium gadgets capable of being carried but not concealed:  10 HP + 5 per Rank above 1
     o Large gadgets may be liftable but not carried for any significant distance without requiring (or being) a vehicle:  15 HP + 7 per Rank above 1
     o $1 & 1 Hr. per HP to repair. 

• Defense:  10 + 2x Rank
     o Small gadgets concealed on the person can only be targeted if the person is hit with a critical.  Damage the gadget rather than inflict injury.
     o Medium gadgets being carried by a person can only be hit if the attack would defeat both the gadget’s defense and the person’s defense.  Inflict damage on the gadget.  The user of the gadget may force an attacker to target the gadget at the cost of becoming Trailin’ for their next action.
     o Large gadgets can be targeted normally.  Those behind or in a Large gadget may force an attacker to target the gadget instead.

• Skill Tests:  Use 1 power slot, to give the gadget the ability to make Skill Tests or provide Skill Bonuses.
     o The Skill covers 1 ability / skill combo chosen when designed.
     o Autonomous Skills:   Allow the gadget to make its own d20 test on its own initiative. Skill Rank = 2x the Rank of the Power Slot used.
     o Skill Bonus:  Gives the user of the gadget a bonus to their own skill test. Skill Test = Rank of the Power Slot used.

• Amalgamated Gadgets:  Multiple Powers can be combined into a single device.  Each power has its own HPs and can be targeted separately.  

• Fragile:  The Power uses 1 Rank Lower Power Slot than normal (minimum Rank 1) but has ½ as many HPs and burns out as if 1 Rank Higher than normal.
• Armored:  Use 1 Power Slot to give another gadget or device an Armor value equal to the rank of the Slot used.  Reduce any damage suffered by the gadget by the value of the armor
• Amped:  Use 1 Power Slot to increase the power of another gadget or device capable of inflicting damage.  Increase both damage and Injury Rolls by an amount equal to the rank of the Slot used.

Malfunctions:  as for injuries
• Roll 2d6 +1 per previous Malfunction not yet fully repaired or recovered from.
Roll Malfunction Game Effect
2 No Effect No Recovery needed
3 Dropped Applied to carried devices only, else No Effect. Recover at end of battle
4 Dropped Applied to carried devices only, else No Effect. Recover at end of battle
5 Glitch Lose Next Action.  Recover at end of battle
6 Glitch Lose Next Action.  Recover at end of battle
7 Burn Out As per normal Rules.  Recover at end of battle
8 Burn Out As per normal Rules.  Recover at end of battle
9 Short / Jam Device Fails.  Non functional.  Recover when all HPs are repaired.
10 Short / Jam Device Fails.  Non functional.  Recover when all HPs are repaired..
11 Destroyed Device completely destroyed.  Cannot be recovered.  Must be rebuilt.
12+ Explodes Shatters or Explodes range 0-1: Damage = Rank in d6

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+Ralph Mazza This is pretty cool. While I like the simplicity of the original, I think this is a nice take for those who want more gadget-ness to their gadgeteer.
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Ralph Mazza

War Games  - 
Ralph Mazza originally shared:
I have a problem.  I want this game.  As in "REALLY WANT" this game.  If you're a fan of ancient battles, and rigorous historical realism, check out the video and you'll see why.

Problem:  Its not available anywhere:  Sold out at the publisher (who apparently has no intention to reissue even though its relatively new -- 2011).  Sold out at the one online vendor I found who carried it (Noble Knight).  Nothing on Amazon, nothing on ebay.  The couple people claiming to offer it on BGG Marketplace don't respond to pings.

Dang it.  I can't find it anywhere.
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GBOH and simple GBOH are both good systems, but in an evening we can play 3+ games of Lost Battles...

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Apparently he had a Kickstarter for his upcoming book, but I missed it.
SENATOBIA, Miss. — The day after they cut off his leg, James Harris' screams echoed through the halls of Baptist Memorial Hospital. Doctors upped the dosage on his anesthetics, and Harris' wife, Emmer, tried to calm him by clutching his hand...
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That's sad. I kind of forgot about Kamala. He was sort of on the B-list of heels in terms of star power, but he was a pretty regular fixture back when I was watching wrestling. I remember the whole "Kamala fears Jake the Snake's snake bag" shtick.

I never really knew too much about Jerry Lawler's promotion, interesting stuff.
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Natural Order.

I'm gonna say Rank 7 vs. 4.
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There were a couple of Pro Wrestling episodes on Starsky & Hutch back in the day.

Here's a good one featuring a fun old school promo between face and heel of a run down promotion about mid way through the 5 part episode.

The Face "The Golden Angel" is a masked wrestler in a gold body suit who comes to the ring wearing a white cape and wings.

The Heel "Hammerlock Grange" is a big hairy monster played by Richard Karron...the perpetual TV Guest Star whenever the script called for a "big hairy monster"

Ray Walston is a ton of fun to watch as the promotor / ring announcer Smilin' Tommy Reese.  
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Bummed...I enjoyed his acting. Seems like the driver saw 1 to many of his movies.

The pics I've seen show the car completely disintegrated.
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this is a totally surprising and sad. He made his characters likeable and look to be having fun while doing it. RIP
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Catching up on some reading.

I think I'm going to try the exact opposite.

I recently just finished watching a massive collection of early John Wayne Westerns and one thing that struck me was how perfectly generic every movie was.  Maybe 1 in 4 or 5 even mentioned the state or territory they were supposedly in.  It was just a town with a suitably western town name and nearby features were like "Rainbow Canyon" and "Dry Gulch"

So I think I'm going to try to be equally nondescript and actively avoid the kind of World Building exercises I normally indulge in -- don't even get me started on my huge alternate time line for Dead Lands where-in I tried to obsessively fix as many of the fail points in that setting as I could.

This time...Back East is just Back East and it doesn't even have a name beyond that.
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Right there with ya. That's why I kept setting detail in the rules to a minimum. 
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