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For? I don't work for anyone. I'm just having fun.
For? I don't work for anyone. I'm just having fun.

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I've always wanted this feature in CamScanner, but never thought to ask for it. I want to be able to take four photos of a page and have it automatically stitched into a single higher resolution image.

I often wish my captures of full pages (or larger) were higher resolution than the very nice camera in my phone supports.

This is the solution. Please implement it in the next verision of CamScanner. (Try it out first, to see what I mean)

Two suggestions:

1. Rework the B&W conversion. When capturing screenshots, there's a lot of moire, which makes recognition harder.

2. You put carriage returns in regnition when they souldn't be there. I suggest you improve that so that the CRs match those in the text. This should be straightforward to detect.

When I look at "Cloud Space", you tell me how much "extra" space I have, but that's just advertising. I want to know how much total storage I have, how much free space I have and when my account expires (I know the Premium expiry is under settings. It should probably stay there as well, but that could go either way).

Several people have asked you to allow the import of PDFs over the years. I too wish you would do this.

I'd like to suggest how you do it.
- Internally convert the PDF to a bitmap, throwing away all the PDF Features.
- make each page a jpg, and save each page separately, then assemble.

I've wished many times I could do this, though I understand it will take a while to do.

Suggestion: When I want to annotate a document, I click "Mark" and you bring up a three line dialog "Mark", Add Annotation" and "Add Watermark".

Having the word "Mark" is confusing. I suggest you delete it altoghether. If you feel the need to leave it, do something to make it stand out, such as change the color/font, and center it as a title.

I have a couple of more "Invite" suggestions.

- When I'm looking at pages of a document, I should be able to invite users to share the document (to be clear, not just the page, even though I'm looking at pages), rather than going back to the multi-document view.

- If there's one page in a document, I can do what I described above. IF there are two or more pages, I can't. (that entire menu is missing). The entire page should be present even on multipage documents.

- When I select a single document, I get an abbreviated menu available on the bottom right. When I have a 1 page document, I get the nice menu available in the upper left, which includes icons. those icons should be available everywhere, and most of those options should be available for the long-pressed document (I don't think you need me to list the required menu items in each case)

- I continue to be confused by the Invite menus. When I invite the first person to a document, you show me a nice big icon, a plus icon and an "Invite" button. After the first successful , you don't put up that wasted page. (its wasted for regular users). you could do this after N successful invites (5?), you could make it a menu setting, or you could give the option to not show this after N successful uses, and make it a setting.

- On the "intro screen" described above, you have the words "close" and "+". On the actual invitation screen, you have on the left "Add Friends", which actually closes, and Invite(n). "ADD FRIENDS" is clearly wrong, because clicking the arrow to the immediate left closes without prompt. This should say "<- Back" or "<- Close", and possibly warn when added invitations are abandoned.

- I'd suggest "Invite(n)" would be more clear with "Invite (n) Friends", with "Friends on the second line. You should also use your "Invite People" icon in the upper right.

- I can't invite people to multiple documents at the same time. I should be able to.

- When I invite someone to a document, I'm switched to the individual document view. I should stay in the view I started with.

CS Beta. (I couldn't find a number/version)
- I should be able to long-press on the name to change it.
- Bug (?) when I re-crop an image which has an annotation, the annotation doesn't stay where it was. Perhaps you can't remap to the same location, but a warning might be appropriate.
- I love the new two-wide page display.
- I wish there were a scroll indicator on the RHS (a very thin one).
- In Grid View, there's a lot of white space. I'd rather see more than 1/2 of that used to show me more text and graphics.
- I see that somehow interacting with the name (partly hidden) when looking at multiple pages that you are trying to show me the full name in a bubble underneath. However, I can't seem to make it stay on the screen.
- I love the icons next to the action names in the menus. This is awesome and really contributes to easy cognition.
- As was suggested earlier, I suggest you add a quality setting to the PDF Settings.
- Manual is misspelled "Manuel" in the single document (multiple pages) view.
- To show/hide the tags menu, I still have to dig down to Menu -> Settings Doc Management to change it. This is unintuitive. I suggest that you put this in the main menu, right below the "Tags" item
- the tip that tells me how to do it is good, but see previous point. However, "Lock" doesn't lock, it takes me to "settings" You should just change it or say "Change Settings"
- The version number should be in the menu on the LHS, probably in "Settings'.
- (When tags not shown) I suggest that you have the option to show documents as either two wide or three wide.
- in the same way as above, There should be a grid view with 50% larger images, and the text pushed more to the right, so that its easier to see the doc first pages.
- I don't know what "Display Page Details" does.

- I still hate the menu on the RHS which is all about advertising. (Yes, I know that won't change your mind). The app would be better if you had a slide-out of the tags, and made the document previews smaller (but still in pairs when you do so).

Overall, very well done.

Right now, you can only delete a page by long pressing while looking at either multiple pages (delete just that page) or while viewing the first page of multiple documents (deletes the whole document).

I routinely want to delete a single page after viewing it. For instance, I will scan a document, and while doing so, I'll need to do some pages multiple times. I'd like to be able to delete that page while viewing it (not multiple pages), but I can't. This would make my scanning much more efficient.

When I click "free up space", and you then ask me whether I "Got it?" you don't give me the option to say "NO". My only choice is to agree. WTF?

One feature that I think CamScanner should implement is the abilty to mark some documents as offline-only.   This has several benefits:

-- It makes my phone memory go a lot farther.  The typical phone has 32 GB today.  10 GB is 1/3 of that.  if the use put 1/2 of that offline on the CamScanner Premium cloud, it would make CamScanner -- and the Premium account more valuable to the user.

-- From CamScanner's prospective, it would allow CS to sell more Premium space, with its annual fee.

-- From CS's Perspective, it would also make those users more "sticky", because they couldn't easily cancel their accounts, because their data is partly in the CS cloud.  (This trap got me with Google recently).  You need to have about the same policies as Google regarding not deleting the data, or  I wouldn't use it in the first place however).
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