Has anyone else noticed the ‘Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service’ from Google all have the same Message-ID header, <2012.01.24.privacy@notifications.google.com>? I’ve asked around no one has anything different so far.

http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5322#section-3.6.4 says it is the meaning that the sender of the message wishes to convey (i.e., whether this is the same message or a different message) that determines whether or not the “Message-ID:” field changes so the To: header being distinct in each email needn’t push Google into making each Message-ID unique too. Just seems a little strange, that’s all.

There are other minor differences in the body of the emails, e.g. 7-bit ASCII single quotes or sexier ones, “We believe that this stuff”, “Have questions? We have answers.” versus “Got questions? We’ve got answers.”, and “We reckoned/figured our users”. Perhaps that’s English versus American English tailoring.
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