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He also had a dream.....
My only wonder, is what it will take to awaken and arouse our people to the full proof? Perhaps this record will do it. A hundred thousand or a million copies of this record can do it. I pray to God it will. And I pray to Him to inspire you, all of you, to spread this story via this record, to all loyal Americans in your community.
I have labored tirelessly with the help of the transcriber, for the love of a King, and the almighty God, that this valuable piece of information reach those whom are yearning for the greater revelation. Now its available in ...
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, chúc bạn buổi tối vui vẻ nhé tình yêu , lâu rồi không thấy bạn ghé thăm nhà mình +Professor K Love
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Professor K Love

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My state is a full house of ignoramus, and still dwelling in the past !
DCMJ’s act of protest is one of many scheduled for Inauguration Weekend
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+365 Tin Tức  nha nha nha...hey...hey good bye... : } Good morning Vietnam !
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Professor K Love

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I have become consumed with the reality that we are human shields between to two highly organized opposing tents, in which we are used in the advancement of hidden agenda’s. we have at times little insight into it’s source or operations. Its beyond the average human understanding, it is spiritual and physical. We’re stretched like a human rubber-band to the point of exhaustion, we know so little yet find a way out everyday of our daily twist and turns. Its indiscriminate, it has has no eyes or logic, it is blind, we’re encouraged to carry on in the faith.
Faith has its limits, so death becomes the logical a death roll recipient its the most viable battle cry. As I peer into the unseen, the drama...above the average, a grotesques portrait is magically revealed like a master's paint bush... canvas its timely piece. I reach out for something to save me from this selective service, I question how do I carry this out- of- body challenges...spiritual, physical consumed by its indiscriminate blindness.
Again and again the human suffering, the news of the helpless, the rubber-band stretches and stretches to the point it breaks countless...the unaware! Like the leaves driven and tossed by the winds of change into relevant places...the mothers, fathers, the little, the young, the unborn and so death.
The relief so long anticipated, the challenges never to metastasize, the selective service for which we became a call of duty to decipher the high revelations.
Is it real ? Just like the pain that actuates me to pen these words of truth, I feel vexed and young, eternalized in my fathers heart, defying and humble, my time is approaching, can the space alloted be extended until one totally consumes me !

By : Ralph G Warcloud
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Professor K Love

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Here is another one for you, I like and share this kind of things. The picture...below !

"I herded goats my whole life" and second  "So I wrote a book that explains the whole universe" 

Could you please share some more knowledge of whom could this be...please ! or is this an appeal to ignorant audience. Don't take me for wrong, but truth is truth and this is not one of them.
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Professor K Love

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Politicians, celebrities and activists across the world are cheering on the Puerto Rican independence leader's release.
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Professor K Love

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Thanks, but no thanks... for following me around, you really don't want my real response !
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Thanks, but no thanks... for ,chúc bạn buổi chiều vui vẻ +Professor K Love
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What a fantastic bill...possible one of the best in half a century ! I hope it pass like lighting !
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Professor K Love

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The US has over $100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, aka Debt.
The US gov. only officially admits the $20 Trillion.

And, the US is borrowing money to pay the Interest on the Debt.

That is the official definition of Bankruptcy.
The United States national debt will have grown by about $9 trillion to over $19.6 trillion under President Barack Obama, according to the website
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Dancing on thin Ice ! And borrowed time !
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Professor K Love

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Unshaken by a blessing from Pope Francis, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has hit back at priests and bishops critical of his war on drugs, accusing clergymen of homosexuality, child molesting, hypocrisy and corruption. “You asked for it,” he said.
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‘Molested when we confessed’: Duterte , 23 tết rồi chúc bạn cùng gia đình vui vẻ mạnh khỏe và hạnh phúc , rảnh thì qua mình chơi nha nha nha +Professor K Love
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Professor K Love

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Being slapped in the face, becomes a main attractions and some will never get it true meaning. It is what it is...take it or leave it, Jack Ma...just pour some light on some very interesting subject. while the empire of chaos, coalition of whoredom is making instruments of war...the benevolent Panda is building mega structures benefiting humanity as a whole. Even by-passing the wrong done to them by many of the same included in its projects, do you see the point here ? As far as I can recall in my very short years, there is only one devilish conspiracy that believes they are the sole owners of the World, having tried relentlessly to dominate, by all means of subversion !
Ma says blaming China for any economic issues is misguided, and the US should blame itself.
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I hate to say it but he has a point.
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Professor K Love

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This information is a low grade troll trying to discredit a political enemy...they present a political prisoner behind bars, (Oscar Lopez Rivera) whom has served more time then any other prisoner of ideology...surpassing Nelson Mandela by 7 years in his own apartheid system. The most trolling of this low grade attacks is the absences of the interview done by " Democracy now" a very reputably alternative news outlet...headed by Amy Goodman !
Obama Pardons Communist Terrorist Lopez-Rivera | LifeZette
- Obama has handed a get out of jail card to the FALN bomb maker
In addition to commuting the sentence of classified leaker Chelsea Manning Wednesday, President Obama also pardoned the Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera. Lopez-Rivera was a key leader of Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña (FALN), a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization which sought to establish an independent, communist Puerto Rico. “Commuting his sentence proves that Obama and most liberals are out of touch with rea...
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Professor K Love

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After 35 years he is granted pardon, surpassing political prisoner Mandela, under apartheid Africa by 7 years/to be released May 17...a lesson not be forgotten.
Hundreds of Puerto Ricans rallied this week to call for the United States to release the Puerto Rican independence activist Oscar López Rivera. Wednesday marked his 32nd year in prison. In 1981, López was convicted on federal charges, including seditious conspiracy — conspiring to oppose U.S. authority over Puerto Rico by force. He was accused of being a member of the FALN, the Armed Forces of National Liberation, which claimed responsibility fo...
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Oscar López Rivera: After 32 , chúc bạn buổi tối vui vẻ nhé tình yêu , lâu rồi không thấy bạn ghé thăm nhà mình +Professor K Love
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#Divinityofjah #Vatican #thegreatconspiracy
My sincere apologies to all those whom I missed trying to reach me in hang-out : I'm now on, and will chat plenty...please come back  : {

*For your reading and research pleasure, here find links with some very well respected characters in the alternative news and information age ! 

Bishop Williamson: "People don't think much now. Truth is at a discount. People's heads are very much turned into marsh."

My only friend, counselor, and second in command,
the only voice that speaks to me on a regular basis with zero bias, I never feel alone with it's presence. The conscience yearns and suffers with those of conscientiousness, as for those absent  of conscience, their pain is suffering the limitations of their exploits.
The black clouds...eternal stain, the bottomless contrived, the ever present weaver of mischievousness, bridges that burn, souls that yearn, the stare that pierce the soul, the cries that molest my deep sleep, and the eternal alarm that never seems to flee.
If one is conscious, one is awake, alert, aware, one searches for something that fills voids. An individual seeks a treasure in the same matter, life saving knowledge is reserved for those yearning and sighing for greater revelation in there internal conflict. Yes the conscious is an internal conflict being carried out by your divine implants, our father loves his children, this self guiding exchange is ever present...why not seek it and stop the obstructions.

I'm not your enemy Oh Almighty one' (YHWH) just merely a benefactor of your great benevolence, I ride the wind on behalf of your directions, I breath this substance that energizes every cell in my contemptible state of folly and ignorance.Why would you hold such blindness to your stature? Allow me to serve out your time in the space allotment! Did you not received me with jubilee when I first cracked open the sacred chamber? Why do I perceive the Spirit in retrieval? What has happened to my dreams of delight, where sons hold their father's hand and feel a sense of security! Were you not the master craftsman whom put words of meaning in my mouth? Shall we journey together or should I perish in the hands of tomb-robbers? and body snatchers! They plot against the Holy day and night, my soul feels devastation from the twisted views, let me fight on your side Oh mighty warrior!
Was I not the last out of a great crowd? and did you not plan my exit well? I was my mother's birthday gift, she was in a blissful joy in labor have rewarded her well.
Are you not the one referenced in your own writings, with extended hands, making invitations and selections? Then allow me to fatten myself for a little while until the final call, in the banquet table!
Let the anointment and sacrifice take place as you so wish...but permit me to honor the Most High God and Holiest of Holiest.

    Psalms 86: 2  "Guard my life, for I am loyal.

      Save your servant who is trusting in you,

      For you are my God".

Ralph G Warcloud

"One can't truly be free unless one'  has advance stages of accurate knowledge".

Welcome to this page and its resources it is/was create for the purpose of education and continued enlightenment. I’m much humbled to see so many people from all parts of the global family accessing this educational tool and sharing its content. I have been at work for some time now in trying to wake me and others…staying alert, with current issues. Many come to this page just alone for this purpose, please be mindful and not bias about my religious or faith based orientation, just like I tolerate and dismiss any error or miscarriage that leans on ignorance.

We are all effected equally in this ever embracing challenges that humanity faces, the whole world is under siege mind you; at all corners of the earth. So as a further contraction we are brought together on one issue… survival taking this into account the millions who are just shaking free from the web cast at their resistance and moral fiber (Divine gifts). They have seen the treacherous network in which under attack’ yet have remain focus and steadfast in the events that follow.

It is my good intentions that a few can wake and make a defense against the deceptive and subtle machinations aimed at us the target. By having the proper armor the missiles and craft leveled against’ we can remain an honorable vessel of choice. By uniting in all colors globally we’re gaining that edge. At the end the words spoken from long ago are advancing in marching orders.

The mockingbirds’ and tick tocks have been engineering world crisis as a specialty since 1776…May 1st, to be exact. They (current empire/Vampire and apartheid system) celebrated Independence Day’ one month earlier, before the rise of the greatest miscarriage of humanity along its slave minions (the conditioned and programmed, gullible, complacent water carrying mulls) .They both share the same passion of staining the whole human race. If one keeps submitting to the will of tyranny by being deceived and duped on account of the greater conspiracy, then I have a problem talking to zombies and senseless audience.

To those who have managed to retain a small percentage of Godly morals and still are free to wage a spiritual war, then gird yourselves with the full *armor of the faith*…it’s the only thing that remains. As we observe the system cracking, falling apart and the money changers playing out their ancient ritual of destroy and conquer.Their vision will soon fail, eclipse them because something greater is controlling the chess board and very few can understand the meaning of the last day prophecies. 

Only through the Spirit can one attain such revelations and its true value. God (YHWH) has been more then patient, kind, merciful…there is something strange in the air’ besides human crop dusting. As a researcher of bible based prophecies and Divinity, I can tell you that…something menacing is undermining our survival as a global family. For those who run along with us and have stayed the course through the words of *TRUTH*…we have come a long way. Let’s make it our endeavor to stay in the fight until the final call, which is goal to honor the creator and maker…, the Almighty one (YHWH).

We remain steadfast, light bearers shining the path of righteousness’ helping the meek release from the strangle hold the enemy has on the lesser of all the global family. They are the target of these demonic bullies and detestable things that follows their degenerate aspirations. Let’s listen to the wise counsel and prepare for the worst moments yet to come…..

“Go to the ant, you lazy one; see its ways and become wise. Although it has no commander, officer or ruler, it prepares its food even in the summer; it has gathered its food supplies even in the harvest. How long, you lazy one, will you keep lying down? When will you rise up from your sleep? A little more sleep, a little more slumbering, a little more folding of the hands in lying down, and your poverty will certainly come just like some rover, and your want like an armed man.”

A little more sleep…a little more slumbering…a little more lying down….the outcome will be tragic for all who take a lackadaisical posture, please don’t be my friend and find yourselves in need of warnings and signs. I own you this much to stay alert like an elite guard, never lowering countenance; thinking time is not yet. Remember we labor for you’ in my tireless days and restless nights I keep you all in my prayers with heartfelt brotherhood.

Please visit the resources part of this page, I frequent them very often for my input and share them openly for our life’s journey. I don’t take all information as written in stone other then the inspired word, which is my guide and strength in troublesome times. It has not failed me yet and will not in any do time. I have contacts from all over the world because love covers a multitude of designs’ and can overcome the enemies’ plots. I’m also encouraged that we are not left alone in the struggle and that an army of clouds and witnesses will remain in the faith no matter what happens. So as the time keeper moves about with his celestial chariot lets all united under one anthem…and Divine will, theocratic order that cannot be overcome.

Bragging rights
(YHWH-GOD ה ' ) Taught by the greatest teacher whom ever lived, so please get out of our way, and the let the spirit speak !
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