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Coma and his KTM factory teammate Kurt Caselli, who also lost time on Wednesday when he stopped to assist him, finished 1-2 in the stage just 1.5 minutes apart.
KTM factory rider Marc Coma of Spain displayed his consummate professional skills on Thursday, brushing aside the disappointment of a fuel line problem that dropped cost him around 18 minutes in Stage Three of the Desafio Ruta 40 Rally in Argentina to take a solid victory in Stage Four. Coma and his KTM factory teammate Kurt Caselli, who also lost time on Wednesday when he stopped to assist him, finished 1-2 in the stage just 1.5 minutes apart.

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Stage 3 of the Desafio Ruta 40 Rally in Argentina.
Motorcycles Overall after Stage 3
1, Pizzolito 11 hours 00.53
2, Goncalves, at 3.51
3, Lopez, at 4.01
4, Rodrigues, at 6.09
5, Casteu, at 11.23
6, Caselli, at 12.31
7, Coma, at 14.51
8, Quintanilla, at 33.44
9, Prohens, at 46.08
10, Salvatierra, at 46.34

Cars Overall after stage 3:
1        302      ROMA, Nani Mini    
2        301      TERRANOVA, Orlando  Mini
3        310      SARGO, Alejandro  VW
4        316      BULACIA, Marco  Toyota
5        303      YACOPINI, Alejandro   Toyota
6        322      MASTROMATTEO, Victo  Prototyp
7        314      GONZALEZ, Jose  Toyota
8        315      SILVA, Juan Manuel  Prototype
9         311      SISTERNA, Lino  Mitsubishi
10       319      ROBERTI, Hernan NISSAN

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About half a year prior to the 2013 Dakar Rally that will be started in Lima, Peru, the German team will travel to South America to compete in another event: from 23rd to 28th July, Chile’s Boris Garafulic and Argentinean Orlando Terranova are going to race the ‘Desafio Litoral’, a new event on the Dakar Series calendar, at the wheel of two BMW X3 CC vehicles entered by Team X-raid.
Garafulic has been racing motor-racing events just for a few years. In 2011, he made his first appearance as Team X-raid driver and convinced by finishing third in the Rally Morocco.

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#MiniAll4Racing Qatar’s Sealine Cross Country Rally.2012 - image Team x-raid

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Only two weeks after spectacularly placing both riders on the podium, the Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain is now proceeding wih the second round of the FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship 2012 in Qatar. Image credits Speedbrain Rally Team
Monster Energy Husqvarna Speedbrain Rally Team pre-race 2012 Quatar Sealine Rally (10 photos)
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Wolfgang Fischer was excited over his riders performance: "This is amazing. It´s the first overall top finish since we started the rally project." and "There´s not much time to rest now. We want to keep the momentum going and pick up where we left today. The next world championship round in Qatar kicks off on 17 April. But for tonight it´s party time."
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Coma oscillated between winning legs and finishing back in the pack for a good start position the following day. On Day Four he finished a cautious eleventh in the special but safeguarded his overall lead of 6.5 minutes. He said that barring something dramatic happening, he felt the team had the win in the bag.

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After four fatal shark attacks in seven months, beach goers on the south coast of Western Australia are understandably anxious about entering the water."Dawn and dusk are perceived to be the worst times for encounters so you see less people going out early morning and late evening," said long-time surfer Jack Carlsen, who is also a professor at the Sustainable Tourism Center at Curtin University."I still go out surfing, but I'm a lot more cautious," said Carlsen, who had his own encounter with a Great White in the same waters several years ago. "A lot of the shark experts say it's the one you don't see that will get you. And luckily, I saw it," he said.The stretch of water along Western Australia's southern coast is now one of the world's most deadly for shark attacks. More people were killed by sharks there than anywhere else in the world in 2011, according to the International Shark Attack File.The latest victim was 33-year-old Peter Kurmann, a father of two, who was taken on Saturday morning while diving with his brother Gian about one nautical mile off Stratham Beach.Gian Kurmann is reported to have used his diving knife to try to fight off the shark, which he told police was about four meters long.
Experts later confirmed Kurmann was likely taken by a Great White, the fourth victim of an unprecedented string of attacks by the predators in West Australian waters.
Sharks reproducing at 'alarming' rates"There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the shark related fatalities in WA are a reflection of an increase population size of white sharks. It is more likely that a combination of factors, including more people in the water and white sharks being present around the south west coast this time of year," said Ryan Kempster, a shark biologist and founder of Support Our Sharks.
After Saturday's attack, beaches were closed while authorities dispatched aerial and ocean patrols to scan the seas. A spotter plane sighted a three to four meter shark the same afternoon, but attempts to catch it failed and were aborted altogether when bad weather moved in.It's become a familiar and unwelcome drill for local authorities who are trying to prevent any further attacks and reassure worried beachgoers that efforts are being made to protect them.
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