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chromebooks will show the way to unite the three strands:
- Phone
- Computer
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Colours! Indeed.
See this Instagram video by @vexx_art • 6,212 likes
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Ralf Siegesmund

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+Balasekarnadar Sudalaimani  More so than now.
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Exactly four decades after his iconic photograph was taken, Neal Ulevich reflects on what happened that day … Embedded image. 5:16 AM - 30 Sep 2016. 32 Retweets13 Likes. Reply to @RichardBarrow ...
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C E R A M I C C L O C K W O R K by me zest
A mininova , a good bass, a bit of luck pressing the right keys and twiddling with the best knobs... Where and when did that OSCilloscope drop in? When is the next break and how many are there in total. We all sometimes surprise ourselves with how amazing we may well feel about ourselves when something drops just in the right place.
Don't you dare giving up on yourself ever (OR watch 72 hours)!

+Alexander Nowak +Christopher Joseph Spiteri +Jon Banules +GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL 
Ceramic Clockwork by zest
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Ralf Siegesmund

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2016 August 18 Bangkok Railway Station
#Bangkok #Thailand
Unofficially known as Hua Lamphong Station
Bangkok Railway Statio
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A wonderful, goosebumps creating moment.
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Being a teacher is challenging, but it becomes so much more fun if you integrate technology. Now as I am officially a google admin, let's see what happens.
Digital literacy is one of the keyword you can mention in a conversation to headmasters or admin stuff which may not be in favor of using up time with technology.

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The CircleRank of 葉怡蘭 is 5582! In Taiwan the CircleRank is even 7! 葉怡蘭 says '飲食旅遊作家。《Yilan美食生活玩家》網站與「PEKOE食品雜貨鋪」創辦人。著有《終於嚐到真滋味》《隱居‧在旅館》《極致之味

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