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Sind das Eier? Das habe ich noch nie gesehen bei denen.
+Torrid Luna Ja, da die im ganzen Zimmer rumrennen und alles als ihr Netz betrachten, müssen sie die Eier mitnehmen, weil es keinen festen Legeplatz gibt.
That don't look like the Daddy long legs in USA...
IIRC in the USA, three different animals are called "daddy longleg":
1. this kind of spiders 2. mosquito-like (but not stinging) insects having very long legs 3. harvestmen (non-weaving spider-like animals).
Wow! I did not know that! Ive only known of the ones w Ball Body and longgg legs that can't spin webs...use to hold them,was told they were harmless and helpful to humans 
+Star Anna Yours probably were harvestmen. They lack the division between forebody and abdomen.
When I was younger we had lots of the Harvestmen here, it was the most common spider in and around the house, but they were completely displaced by the longish, weaving kind (cellar spider, Zitterspinne) in the 80s . Now I see them only sparingly, and never in the house anymore.
Harvestmen and Pholcus don't compete, the latter eat the former (they eat anything they encounter). Harvestmen eat small things off the ground. Pholcus even overpower mighty Tegenaria.
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