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Ralf Kaiser

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Amazing results from +Randy Hilarski and +Anabell Hilarski 

Highly targeted traffic...that converts, for only pennies per click.

#marketingtips   #marketingonline  
This is why we insist on testing!

We started with over 15 creatives and narrowed it down to two and then to one! If we would have based our campaign on just two or three of the failing creatives, we could have judged the whole campaign as a failure.

Creatives and Banners could mean the difference between success and failure! 

I want to thank +Veteran Maids, LLC for putting their trust in .  If you are in the DC and Northern Virginia region, contact Veteran Maids.

If you have a small business and are looking for a way to advertise online feel free to contact +Ralf Kaiser , +Anabell Hilarski or I for a proposal.

#Traffic   #PPC   #OnlineAds   #DisplayAds  
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Thanks +Roland J. Ruttledge 
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Ralf Kaiser

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Some how the flowers made the "curse" word seem OK in this quote. :-)

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Ralf Kaiser

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GM Gplussers:  Today is the day for Commitment

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+Shannon Lemos Thx too!!
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Ralf Kaiser

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Hi +Marianne Sansum 

I loved your picture of the dog trying to "save" his owner. :-)

It reminded me of this picture of two my sons at the Grand Canyon.

Clearly, no attempt to save his brother.

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No...he does not look like he is helping! 
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Ralf Kaiser

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Good morning G+!

What small daily improvements will you make today?

+Tom Coleman When I saw this quote it reminded me about your tweet yesterday about the impact of 1% improvements
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+Hart SD You are welcome ;-) Let me know if I can help you. All the best.
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Ralf Kaiser

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This is little guy is still getting his walk in, even while on an escalator!

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Life is great! I have lots going on, but being busy is a good thing!!!  Hahaha...
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Ralf Kaiser

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Tuesdays are always an opportunity to be better than we were on Monday. :-)

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Ralf Kaiser

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What would you do?


Thanks to +Stephan Klimmeck and +Joe Navarro 
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+Joe Navarro LOL...Good Geico commercial
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Ralf Kaiser

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I am ready to have some fun!!
+Those 4 Girls has set up FREE workshops based on some of their topics from their HOA. There is just never enough time to dive into everything that we would like to. 

As a business owner needing to build a larger clientele I was always looking for cost effective ways to grow my business. I got swindled and turned around for far too long. I have finally found a great way to build my business with clients who WANT to buy my product/service. There is no more guessing and wasting money... 

Come join us tomorrow, March 18th @ 10am PST and learn the first step to finding YOUR audience that is going to buy from you. We are doing a full on workshop that will walk you through a 14 page worksheet to help you identify your clients and how to best put them through the sales funnel. 

+Ralf Kaiser will be walking us through this process.

Don't expect your normal HOA Show. This is a time to drill down and learn how to grow your business. We are focused on helping you grow. That is the mission of +Those 4 Girls.

Need more leads for your business?

If you have a solid product that needs more leads to expand your business, join us on March 18th at 1 p.m. EST!

We're going to show you:

How to discover who your ideal client is
How to perfect a sales funnel for YOUR business

We have masterminded our broad knowledge and expertise in digital ad media, capital markets trading and the needs of the small and medium size business entrepreneur.

Whether you do business in the local community or around the world, our ad exchange platform will deliver highly targeted traffic, that is most likely to convert.

Using world-class technology and state-of-the-art algorithms, our ad exchange places digital ads on the leading networks.

Sign up for our workshop today and we'll give you a heads start over your competition.

This webinar and education is FREE - you don't want to miss it!

Register here to get the worksheet:
Event Page RSVP:
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Ralf Kaiser

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Great pearls of wisdom!

Thank you +Jamie Tinker 
Happy Monday out there.
Have a great week.
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Hart SD
Hmmm... If I can almost do my day job in my sleep, does that mean that I have a great potential as a sleeper?
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Ralf Kaiser

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It's Official:  Some People Don't Put Their Pants On One Leg At A Time!

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Ralf Kaiser

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No eggs for breakfast this morning! :-)

Thanks +Marianne Sansum 
wooo hooo......abracadabra   so cute ♥

Thanks for sharing this +Joe Russell ♥  
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you are welcome +Ralf Kaiser   ♥  :D
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Forex Trader | ES Trader | Stock and ETF Trader | Author | Trading and Investment Executive
  • kaiserEDGE LLC
    President & CEO, present
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Fort Saskatechewan, Alberta, Canada - Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada
Contact Information
Ralf Kaiser is a Trader of Futures, Stocks, ETFs | Entrepreneur | Connector of All Things Good

Ralf Kaiser is:

-          An aficionado of Optimal Trading Strategies…

…with a passion for all things trading, investing and markets related.

-          An entrepreneurial thinking marketer…

…with an affinity for business success.

-          A Linkedin LION…

...believing that we are BETTER…TOGETHER.

-          And most importantly…

…a husband to ONE; father to THREE

His passion is successful trading strategies in the forex, futures and stock markets.

After 20 years in the investment management industry and experiences with numerous asset classes and tradeable securities, Ralf Kaiser has an appreciation for what works and what achieves amazing trading results!


Ralf is the author of the book, "The Complete Forex Trader". This book is the result of his experiences trading the EURUSD. 

Forex Trading Strategies:  Ralf Kaiser the co-developer of Forex Trading Strategies. This is the result of doing extensive research of forex signal providers and expert advisors to determine "what works". Ralf saw a hole in the forex trading world and Forex Trading Strategies is the result of this work.

Forex Trading Strategies has produced historically tested results of over 30% compounded annual returns since 2003.


Ralf Kaiser focuses on trading the ES futures.

He is the co-developer of the Emini Trader Strategy which utilizes a 5 minute ES chart and market internals to successfully day trade the ES futures and other indeces.

This strategy also encompasses an uncanny ability to define key levels where the ES futures will turn.


Ralf Kaiser is a quantatative stock trader. His approach to building a stock portfolio is based on well defined rules that are programmed in to stock screening software.

This removes any emotions, judgement or reliance on key personnel.

Such an approach allows for complete historical testing for any portfolios. The following portfolios are currently being traded with their corresponding historical compounded annual rate of return (CAGR).

Long/Short Portfolio: 33.17% Sharpe: 3.22
Long Portfolio: 29.03% Sharpe: 2.31
Long ETF Portfolio: 18.87% Sharpe: 1.77

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Governor General of Canada Commendation
  • University of Alberta School of Business
    Finance and Marketing, 1987 - 1989
  • University of Alberta
    Science, 1984 - 1987
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