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This is a map of each county in the US based on the most facebook likes for each American football team in that county. The strict state line affinities are interesting, but unsurprising. The most interesting bits are where the constituencies bleed into others' "territory".

Pity the poor #Jets . At least they weren't completely shut out. #Steelers  in WV, western PA, and eastern OH makes sense, but why big splotches in the Carolinas? #nfl
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Joe Munoz
Only San Diego maintains 100 percent solidarity!
+Joshua Albin Pittsburgh still seems so far away given that there were closer teams like Washington or Atlanta, but as I've learned the Steelers are both one of the oldest teams as well as the most consistently successful. So that'll definitely get you a very broad fanbase.
Too many shades of red look the same to me ... and far too many cowboy fans.
I like Alaska more now. Go Packers!
If the Niners win the Super Bowl expect California to go all bright red except for San Diego's blue counties.
... and I'm possibly the only STL fan in Oregon, surrounded by Seahawk fans.
I grew up in Green Bay and one of my best friend's older brother moved there for a job to build the pipeline. He loved Alaska and stayed even after the pipeline was finished. In college, I met a few more who had older brothers who did the same. Given that Wisconsin and UP residents wouldn't mind the winters, I can see why there are so many Packers fans. Go Pack Go!
It suprises me that the lowly Chiefs take up so much of Kansas and Missouri. They haven't done anything since the Marcus Allen and Joe Montana days 
Lol Jets seem to only have one county...
+Joshua Albin In the central regions of NC, most folks are split, Panthers and Skins, not steelers... those are relo's.
Me, I'm loyal to the Panthers' as growing up in Buffalo a Bills fan, they ripped my heart out, and never again!  So says the smoking man!
This map needs more colors I'm not getting enough data.
What caused the Steeler following in Hawaii? 
As a fellow owner of the Packers, there isn't enough green on this map.
I thought this was interesting, until I realized that according to this, no one in the SF Bay Area likes the Raiders, what BS 
Military bases in the Carolinas could explain the PA connection

While I hardly know any American Football teams, or anything about the sport, this is a cool map for showing the distribution of support for sports teams !
The Steelers always seem to have several Samoan or Hawaiian players on their team which why the have a huge fan base in Hawaii.
There's definitely more Packer fans in N. IL where I'm from than the map says. At least my Bears have the rest of the state.
In Carolina, all I know in abundance is Panther, Redskin,Cowboy fans. Steelers are represented, but not that much.
Another way we can celebrate supporting these wealthy owners!  They've given us so much... and so much to do on Sundays
I read somewhere that the cowboys were one of the first teams to desegregate, and the redskins were the last. In areas like DC, that means something.

Hence, all the cowboys fans in the south and especially in virginia.
A lot of Dolphin fans.
Interesting how little sway Houston has outside of a small region there, even in Texas.  Cowboys pretty much dominate the state.  Houston has some marketing to do.   
Come down to Arizona, they have a lot of Steeler fans down here. When the Cards play the Steelers here, it's a home game for the Steelers.
I feel like there are more Broncos and Raiders fans in Albuquerque. 
way too many shades of red... great idea but horrible execution
Notice the dramatic difference when going from Illinois to Wisconsin - best rivalry in the game.
Interesting map! I'm in Orange County, CA - south of LA. No football team around here and team support is across the board. Don't know any Raider fans (we're black on the map).
I hate living in viking territory. Born in idaho raised a lions fan now living in north dakota, if they not vikes they cheese heads or bears. Only other lions fan I knew moved back to detroit.
+Ralf Haring big splotches in the Carolinas due to the more acceptable climate over WV, OH, and PA. In my opinion, there are too many Steeler fans in the Carolinas. :)
Jason R
The reason for so many Steeler fans in the Carolinas is a lot of WVU grads migrate that way after college and take their Squeeler love with them.
+Jason Ragland I'm actually surprised at the amount of Steeler fans represented in SC. 
How about a map of this for premier league team fans around the world. Now that would be interesting... also why are there so many teams in florida? They need to chill out.. 
Sure, but consider what sports networks or other regional limitations occur from cable and satellite which favor certain teams in certain areas. If Los Angeles had a pro football team you wouldn't get such a mix rooting for Oakland.
Din't know there was more than 1 country in the US
This is a map of each county in the US
I didn't know that all of southern Oregon were such raider fans hell yeah not Seattle fans.
this mape are totally confused me?
this mape are totally confused me?
I'm from SC and all I see are Falcons and Panthers fans. If there are so many Steelers fans then they haven't come out of the closet.
Maybe,some people in the Carolinas are related to people in Western PA,who are Steelers fans
Who ever did the research, have never been to Colorado. The city of Denver is actually split 50/50 Broncos/Raiders
Being from akron, Ohio, I can say that the steelers are our back up root-for team. A lot of us (oh,pa) people have moved south and to the Carolinas because the weather up north sucks. 
I always chose my favorite team based on my favorite color at the time. I could actually care less who wins or loses.
Lots of Miami Dolphins fans in the midwest.... oh... those are Denver fans... or are they Cincinnati Fans?  The color coding of this map sucks badly.
Lots of OH and PA immigrants in the Carolina's. Ohio State and Penn State fans are very common.
Miami Dolphins have nice team colors ;-)
I'm glad east texas knows what's up
+Ralf Haring The reason Steelers are all over the place? Because the fans move there in droves. Then they setup a bar or restaurant that promotes the team and all the folks from Pittsburgh show up to enjoy cheering on their team together. 
Not bad for a small market team... Geaux Saints...
Questioning the data. Not a single dot for the Packers in KY? We have a HUGE packer fan base here in Louisville.
Damn that little grey island in oregon. Im pretty sure thats my cousin's doing.
Wow, it's possible to drive from Memphis to Portland and only cross three counties that don't root for Dallas.
Steelers were America's team (along with the Cowboys) back in the 70's. 
Are there really no Oakland fans in Oakland?
Most Jets fans are from long island, me being one of them, it all depended how you grew up, same as the mets and yankees debate. 

P.S. I stick by my J-E-T-S! and we still can say we had one of the best and most underrated running backs to play in the NFL Curtis Martin!
If the Jets were that "unrepresented", no one would talk about them....and they are the bulk of the talk in NY when discussing football... 
Who would have thought Oakland raiders are, liked, more in l.a area vs nor Cal lol. 
And it looks like most of the us like Dallas hell yeah cowboys. 
Jim Hay
+Joe Munoz - Don't forget to look at Green Bay. All of Wisconsin plus most of Upper Michigan!  Those Packer fans are loyal!
One thing to note, the map is based Facebook likes. If teams aren't represented on Facebook, than that could mean the fans aren't fb users. Because they love it here on Google plus....
Hawaii had one giant Redskins fan...
Ok I'll shut up now.
Interesting map - although, being a UK resident, I haven't the foggiest idea which team's which :)

Given the widely disparate population levels in different States, it could be interesting to see what the data would look like on a population map (one of those distorted maps where each state is afforded an area proportional to the size of its population).

It could also be interesting to do similar maps for the elite league of the most popular sport in other countries (e.g. a UK map showing distribution of support for the various teams in the Premier League of association football [soccer])...
Very interesting graphic. I am surprised at the size of the area for Pittsburgh Steeler fans.
And this goes to show that The Cowboys are relevent no matter how Jerry slices them up lol go cowboys!
Ryan Ng
I am surprised that the coverage for the Giants is so small.
Very interesting. How about other sports?
NE area...won't let NY get in there area
Why are there Packers fans in Alaska!
how di you do that i wish i had one of those
Actually we do have a lot of jets fans here in northern NJ as well as NYC... unfortunately they are smothered by giant fans around 2 to 1. Same goes with mets fans.
There are a lot of Steelers fans down here for some reason. That and the typical Cowboys fans. 
Im surprised stl is even half as big as that. Funniest thing I seen while I was home last time was on a sign in front of a church. Said "unlike the rams, we show up every Sunday"
Steeler Nation is everywhere. 
Born and Breed in the Steel City. Live in Charlotte NC.
I'm representing the fan base noted by that black spot in Idaho.  Woot!
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