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Why Social Media is good for Google Rankings - SEO
As part of our content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for clients, we make sure to set up social media profiles on all our clients. When teaching a class on developing a Social Media Marketing Plan, I make sure to emphasize each channel implemented needs to have a purpose. Just setting up a Twitter or Facebook page because you’ve read it’s going to increase your business, is a bad strategy.

Using a social media profile for ranking a site on Google is a sufficient purpose. If one of our client’s target audience is not on a particular channel, say Facebook, we will still set up a Facebook page and post consistently. It might not be as many postings as another client who engages with their audience on Facebook, but that’s our purpose.
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* The Ins and Outs of Free Online Images*

Why You Should Use Images
We live in a visual world.  In a sea of words, images are used to draw attention to information even before any reading begins.  An image along with the title or caption help a reader decide if the information is worth reading.  In marketing this is not only true for advertising, but also for blogging and SEOs.  An attractive image along with an interesting title will draw people to the information you are trying to relay.

Using Online Images
Small businesses and individuals can rarely afford a large budget for images to accompany blogging, websites, and SEO marketing.  The temptation is to just copy something from the Internet and insert it, but this may cause problems down the road.  Just because you can copy an image does not mean you can use it.  Images have copyrights which means someone owns that image and unless you have permission from them you cannot use it.  Heavy fines can be levied against you if the owner of an image discovers you have used it without permission and removing the image from your blog or website does not release you from the liability of using it in the first place.

Free Images With Conditions
There are a number of sources on the Internet that offer free images for use (compiled list below).  Free in this case means no payment is required (also known as Creative Commons), but there are often conditions on using the image.  When pulling images from these sites read the conditions carefully so you are not violating the licensing agreement.  Licensing agreements can contain multiple license types (i.e. There can be an Attribution-Non-Derivative- Non-Commercial License).  Here are some explanations of the terminology used: [click to read the full article]

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Facebook Marketing
Finding the best prospect using social media takes a bit of research.  While Linked In is the “go to” social media platform of choice for sales and recruiters, Facebook could be a prospect’s personal platform of choice.

People use Facebook to share photos, personal updates, and family news.  As people like, comment and share, Facebook tracks everything and tries to categorize them.  Like a page, Facebook tags you.  Share a certain type of post with some frequency, Facebook tags you.

With millions of pieces of data about people, no wonder it’s a powerful tool to prospect on.

Find quality prospects through data analysis and Facebook ad features.

Start with who you are trying to sell.  Create a few prospect personas of people you think would be a good match for your product or service.  Try to craft as detailed as possible persona that would include hobbies, activities, places they’d likely shop, especially what possible current job titles they may have.

Does your company probably has a Facebook Business Page? The challenge using business pages is exposure. A business page may or may not a good prospect. Chances improve if someone happens to share a post on your page.  So how do you find people who would be a good candidate?
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As a Marketing Strategist, we work with a variety of clients to counsel, coach and advise them on remarkable marketing strategies that grow their business.  We create strategic marketing solutions that deliver real, quantifiable results for every client.

Clients get advice based on “real” experience, delivered straightforward, bold and direct.  Our job is to analyze data to figure out the best way to promote your product/service or obtain new customers for your business.

Our objective to is give clients a truly remarkable marketing experience from start to finish. Our job is to guide clients, as their marketing “trainer” on the implementation of their complete marketing program. This might mean suggesting a deeper dive into your analytics, offering an unsolicited recommendation, or talking through the “whys” behind your marketing tactics in clear, easily understandable terms.

The key to our success is juggling a variety of tasks, ensuring the marketing tactics deliver the expected results. Our mission is to make your company shine and that your marketing drives long-term, sustainable growth.
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