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Rajiv Krishnaswamy
Travel Enthusiast & Writer, Developer, Designer, Jack Vance fan.
Travel Enthusiast & Writer, Developer, Designer, Jack Vance fan.


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Inle Lake & Nyaung Shwe
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Yangon & Shwedagon Pagoda
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33 people walking in rope back to Juvasshytta over the Styggbrea (Uglyglacier) after visiting the highest mountain in Norway Galdhøpiggen at 2469 meters (8100ft) above sea level

Every Norwegian knows about Galdhøpiggen since they learn about the highest peaks in Geography. So of course we are kind of indoctrinated to wish to get on top of it. There is two ways you can get there, one is quite easy, the other leaves you feeling you have accomplished getting to the highest mountain through hardship. More to come in future posts. Me, I have not been there yet. I wanted to experience and getting the best view of Galdhøpiggen instead. More on how that went in future posts also. Meanwhile have a look at the map:

✨🔴_You can order  an unique print of any of my photos here at Google+ as well as this photo. Read here how to order  _🔴✨

Best seen big! Please reshare if you like it :-) Feel free to plus mention me (you can write +PalBorsting and choose the pop-up no need for å and ø) in your post. Then I will come by and thank you.
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Not HDR. Edited in Lightroom only, no extra plug-ins.  Se my profile for description of my method for edits. I have no predefined rules for the final result as to realism. I can go for realism sometimes, my feelings for the subject at other times which might or might not come out close to reality. Total fantasy is not foreign too me either. I consider myself as much or more a photo editor than a photographer. Read my About page here on Google+ and you will understand why I hope.

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•photographed by me
•image edited by me
•print preprocessed by me
•printed on advanced digital printer by me
•marked with unique 1/1 and my signature
•whole process color-managed by me
•packed and sent by me
•nobody else involved
•on back of print this certificate is printed

Any questions? Please read my contact info on the website or use my community here on G+ litho2u

Un seul exemplaire de chaque photo est imprimé, signé et vendu.Un certificat d'authenticité est fourni et doit être conservé avec la photo. L'image est photographiée, éditée, retravaillée et imprimée par mes soins. J'utilise une imprimante digitale programmable de pointe, dont j'administre et effectue moi-même la programmation et les couleurs. Je ne délègue aucune de ces tâches.

Limitierte Auflage, nur einz. Fotografiert von mir, Bild von mir bearbeitet, Druck von mir vorverarbeitet und digital von mir gedruckt, kalibriert mit hochentwickeltem Digitaldrucker, und Farbverwaltung von mir. Niemand sonst ist beteiligt. Signiert mit Authentizitätszertifikat und Garantie.

Deze unieke afdruk van mijn foto, is volledig voor- en na-bewerkt en afgedrukt op een geavanceerde digitale printer door mijzelf. Tevens heb ik het kleurbeheer voor het gehele proces in eigen beheer gehouden, en zal ik persoonlijk het kunstwerk verpakken en verzenden; er is niemand anders bij dit project betrokken.
Aan de achterkant van dit kunstwerk is het volgende certificaat afgedrukt:, welk gesigneerd is door mij, met naam en kenmerk van unieke, 1 van 1, oplage.
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Looking for an Adventure ? Now is the Perfect time to stop and think about where to go next , What about Nuuk - Greenland ?

for more Follow +World Explore 
#greenland   #nuuk   #adventure   #travel   #worldexplore  
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Sunrise in the Grand Canyon...
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"Flakstad Natatorium"

One of my favorite spots out in Lofoten. Just be careful when timing the tide though, otherwise you will get mighty wet when going back to the car ...please don't ask me how I know :p

Please visit for information and pictures in regards to exclusive phototours and workshops in the Lofoten Archipelago. Guides are +Arild Heitmann and yours truly. Sign up as a group of 3 or more friends and receive a 150 EURO discount each.


14/9 - 21/9 - Autumn in Lofoten (1 spot left)
09/1 - 16/1 - Northern Lights in Lofoten (special info TBA)
18/1 - 25/1 - Chasing The Aurora Borealis
01/2 - 08/2 - Stetind & Lofoten Adventure (1 spot left)
20/2 - 02/3 - Exclusive Series - Lofoten & Senja with +Kah Kit Yoong    
01/3 - 08/3 - Chasing The Aurora Borealis
13/3 - 23/3 - Exclusive Series - Lofoten & Senja with +Ryan Dyar 

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The Moon over Mount Baker  ............. by Alexis Birkill
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