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Neuroscience of Inebriation: Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

"There's a girl in the next seat who I didn't think that sweet
But after a few drinks I want to marry her
I guess it's not surprising, my dopamine is rising
And my glutamate receptors are all shot
I'd surely be bemoaning all the extra serotonin
But my judgment is impaired and my confidence is not

Allosteric modulation
No Long Term Potentiation
Hastens my inebriation
Give me a beer!"

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Hahahaha, that was awesome! Time to get my Irish on tonight I think. :-D
Wow, very creative..1442 different programming languages all dedicated to coding 99 bottles of beer! :)
Whammed already. Made me chortle. Current debate is how much cheese you"d need to drop from orbit to make a crater.

Thank god foe aurocorrect.
You've been beaten to it, +Marc Ponomareff . I once got that comment in student evaluation (that was many years ago though...I'd hoped I've mellowed since then).
The rest of his songs are also brilliant, including the biologist's Mother's Day Song. :)
Ok, that was a good one too! I'm going to have to subscribe to his channel as well. and yes, your right definitely has a S&G feel about it with his duets.
+Prabat parmal you mean "bridge over troubled water" right? I had to sing through the lyrics to figure that out. lol.
whoops sorry, i meant sounds of silence...i'm trying to multitask work and read :-D
'tis a tall tale ye've told, Rajini "Raody" Rao: Once a rebel... always a rebel.
Given the nerdfest that is G+, it turns out that pretty much everyone in my science circle had already posted the Biologist's Beer Song (+Rich Pollett at 12:05 am EST!; Click on check ripples to the top right of this post). So, kudos to +Nancy Rêgo for finding us a nerdy drinking song that has not yet made the rounds! Jedi Drinking Song
he he.... here's to brewers yeast, that humblest of all beasts....rofl
think i just fell out of my chair :D
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