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Got any good Pi jokes? Here are a few of my favorites :)
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This is priceless. Tattoo it on my arm.
bah. if you get it and you don't have many friends, move to Portland. there are LOTS of us here.. :)
my mom only uses my full name when I'm in big trouble! hah! love it!
+Kaarin Spier , I've heard many musical interpretations but the one you linked to is the most melodious, thank you! Definitely worth a listen, all!
"Don't talk to that guy, he goes on forever." Classic!
LOL, +Pamela Johnson ! Hope you got the numbers right? The Plussers on my page are known to post corrections.
OMG, +Joan Hogol , Pi rates? :D As for that Sudoku, there goes my productivity for the day....
Was it a better day in 1592? (probably not... the Pi wasn't tastier at least)
OMG, let the pee jokes begin ;)
+Dimitra Chrysouli , we use practically every Greek letter in science. For example, ρ with superscript 0 refers to mitochondria that have lost virtually all their DNA and cannot respire.
"What is Pi?"
A mathematician: "Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter."
A computer programmer: "Pi is 3.141592653589 in double precision."
A physicist: "Pi is 3.14159 plus or minus 0.000005."
An engineer: "Pi is about 22/7."
A nutritionist: "Pie is a healthy and delicious dessert!"
Oh no, not at all +Dimitra Chrysouli ! The names we give to subunits of any protein are named after the Greek alphabet..not just alpha, beta and gamma, these go all the way to zeta and theta :)
5 out of 4 people don't understand fractions.
+Feisal Kamil , Magnum Pi is quite a dashing symbol isn't it? We girls had a crush on Tom Selleck back in the day :) Where is the rhyme from? Oh, and drat I forgot, Happy Birthday Mr. Einstein!
Pie R round! Cornbread R square!
should't 22nd july also be known as pi day as pi is also known as 22/7 which seems far more accurate than 3.14xxx???
lol, it's so true. No one I work with got this joke:

Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar, and doesn't!
Sam Ley
+Sudhanshu Pathania People do celebrate on that day, but we call it "Pi Approximation Day". 22/7 is a popular approximation, but only to 3 significant figures. 22/7 = 3.14285.... pi = 3.14159... So celebrating "Pi Moment" at 1:59AM on 3/14 is the way the serious geeks do it.

Also, to address the subtext in the original joke - if your friends don't get it, get better friends!
Not a pi joke but an iJoke, a poor joke:

A poor joke or PJ is a complex number that can be expressed as P+iJ, i.e. the poor part is real and the joke part is imaginary....

just re-telling.
^ Vi on Pi, Tau takes a Bow :)
Geeks are not always lonely.. look at me I've got the best-est friends ever... :)
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