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Rajesh Vasa

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On a walk over the weekend near home in a fairly typical Australian bush (photos with Nexus 5). 

Rajesh Vasa

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Develop your digital future with a Master in Information Technology. Swinburne has Commonwealth-supported places available for mid-year intake.

Find out more and apply today >>
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Wait this mentions that there are commonwealth supported places, that wasn't the case when I enquired about microelectronic engineering...

Rajesh Vasa

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A first hand account from an experienced sailor on the state of the oceans. Not very uplifting.

Rajesh Vasa

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A few shots from Far North Queensland.  The place is humid and hot. Tropical rainforest (Daintree) is close to the coast, barrier reef is much more colourful & diverse than expected.
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Amazing. :)

Rajesh Vasa

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Plenty river walk - Melbourne's North.
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Rajesh Vasa

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Stabilized Star Trek Shot
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Kind of takes away from the moment really... :)

Rajesh Vasa

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CommBank Australia shows how not to communicate with concerned customers (pls. read comments). #heartbleedbug
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It has to be a bot; surely?

Rajesh Vasa

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I suppose it's no coincidence that the home page almost exactly resembles the worst case scenario from this article?

Rajesh Vasa

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Disturbing implications from overuse of medical imaging -- interesting read.
Overused CT scans are exposing patients to dangerous levels of radiation.
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The following applies to Australia at least:

Oh and god forbid if you go to a medical imaging place (not a hospital) for some sort of gut imaging (eg: liver/intestines/etc) and you're allergic to seafood or fish. Despite the fact that it's a myth that if you're allergic to seafood/fish you'll be allergic to the Iodinated contrast dye, they STILL will not perform a CT scan with the dye unless a doctor is present (and at the small imaging places, there isn't one - so you should go to a hospital instead), but because you've booked they will expect that you're going to have a CT scan without the dye. Without the dye, the CT scan most likely won't tell the doctors anything useful, and of course exposes you to unnecessary radiation.

Unfortunately (here in Aus) if you can get a CT scan for something, insurance won't cover you the extra mile for an MRI, so you'll be forking out anything up to AUD $500-600 for an MRI (not sure what it would cost if you have a health concession card, but I suspect still a lot). Plus, they have to give you a similar contrast dye for mostly similar reasons, but at least a doctor tends to be present.

Rajesh Vasa

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Enjoyed reading this. Fractally refreshing view. The Death Of Expertise
To reject the notion of expertise, and to replace it with a sanctimonious insistence that every person has a right to his or her own opinion, is silly.
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I lead an innovation lab at Deakin University and teach software engineering practice. My research interests are using machine intelligence techniques to solve complex problems, modelling behaviour, improving productivity, and using evidence to inform and drive how technology is built and adapted. 

I advise in the areas of IT strategy, mobile software development, solution architecture and agile methodology.

Hobby-photographer -- learning the art of photography at a leisure pace.
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My work was profiled in the front-page of Sydney Morning Herald (2-Mar-2011)
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Excellent place for Bush walks and close to Melbourne city
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Well worth the wander - quite a unique place geologically speaking.
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reviewed a week ago
Decent shop
Public - a week ago
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Really good coffee
Public - a week ago
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78 reviews
Very helpful.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Great ambience and decent food as well.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Very generous hosts and the food is excellent. Local harvest, fresh and set in a great location overlooking the farm.
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago