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Do you have this "CalendarView" as open source? I am looking to have a calendar that shows something when there is an event on that date like you show
+Rajesh Handa  I realize that I was just curious if there was any code or anything that you used to build it but it looks good in any reguard
I like the white app bar and the use of swiping to get between events and months. It looks like the next event is under the next month – you might try to not have those line up vertically.

Also, the smaller fonts you are using are not going to be readable on a phone. And I expect some of the touch targets (like for accept/decline) will be too small too.

You can preview any work by plugging an android phone into your computer and running Android Design Preview:
thanks +Michael Leggett I am aware of small touch targets for accept/decline/maybe. I actually wanted to move time off from the top of these actions and that would given enough space for these actions. 

Even the card height I  have shown is just for concept. :-) Its a lot smaller than it would be actually. Card can take most of the screen while it pops up similar to dictionary card in Books app. Just wanted to throw out the concept of event cards, swipe able months & days. :)
fantastic Idea, having a monthly view while you are looking at other event is a feature I've been waiting for.
With older, smaller, less resolution screens it might not have owrked but now it should be a part of the stock version
Nice design! I like the clean look and the little dots on the corners of the calendar grid are a nice touch.

One thing I would like to see calendar apps get away from is the notion that a month should fills up the whole view, even if the current date is at the end of the month. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the current week as the top row of the grid, regardless of the month? The beginning of the next month would then be visible in the same view which would be way more useful than seeing 3 weeks into the past....

Not criticising your design, every calendar app I have ever seen does the same thing. I think it's just a hold over from the paper calendar days.
nice work but how do we get google to take a look at these. I really like it.
The extra row on the bottom seems a bit out of place (and taking up extra space). You could remove that to increase the size of the card underneath, or at least beef up some of the UI elements in it.
These are fantastic.  I really hope google does something like this for Key Lime Pie.
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