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Google Music Rethought & Redesigned!

Thoughts & feedback welcome!

Also have a look at Redesigned home experience !

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At first glance I find the orange rather garish, but I'm a developer and not a designer sooo.. grain of salt and all that.
I have a couple comments and feedback for you.  The first one is I'm not sure what the play, plus, youtube, and trash buttons are on the songs section.

I also see you created a drop down for the individual data instead of the scrolling that google music currently has.  I realize you are trying to compress the data to make it easily searchable, but at the same time it does take away from the nice sliding gesture.  I understand the google play app could use a better indication of where different sections are, but I think having a drop down menu kind of takes away from the smoothness between changing activity data.

I think having the album art for the song is a nice touch.  However, you might want to avoid that under album because it becomes repetitive and serves no extra purpose to keep displaying the same image.

I do like how you save space on the album page by adding the pin, shuffle, and replay options to the right of the album cover, but it is a little more awkward to have those actions for playlist.  It is awkward because the + to me means you are adding to a playlist but you are in the playlist already.  At the same time in the playlist I feel like the actions are directly relating to whatever album is currently playing and not to the playlist itself.

I respect the fact you were trying to go with consistency across the UIs which is a very good UI aspect, but unfortunately some of the components you chose to make consistent do not make sense in other areas of the app (i.e. the album art under album or the playlist controls to the right of the album in playlist).

Overall it is a decent job and I like your choice of color scheme for the redesign.
+Richard So  Play, Plus(Add to queue), YouTube (it brings up youtube video for the same song), and trash buttons are Item's contextual action.

Scrolling tabs in current Google music has discovery problem. If you are currently in Songs tab, User does not have any idea how many swipes would it take to reach genres. its hidden, Main tasks of apps are front and center in my redesign. Songs, Albums, genres & playlists always take same number of "touches" to reach. And you know it always.

I personally don't like overflow concept & moving between different screen. My settings screen is sort of a reveal on the same view. Its my personal opinion.

Thanks anyways for your feedback!
design is nice and clean. but the color scheme not so much. Throw in one of the holo blue colors :)
holo blue light = 33b5e5 ( rgb: 51, 181, 229 )
holo blue dark = 0099cc ( rgb: 0, 153 204 ) 
holo blue bright = 00ddff ( rgb: 0, 221, 255 )
O.M.G This is soo amazing! I love yellow :D
+Rajesh Handa Yes.  I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.  There were two points in my comment about scrolling left to right.  The first is I like the fluidness of scrolling but the other was that I didn't like the lack of knowing where a certain item is (exactly what you said).  I pointed that out as a more if you can find a solution that has both it'd be great.  Otherwise it comes down to the user's preference.

Also I see what you mean now that it is contextual.  I was confused and didn't realize that at first

Obviously design is always a preference.  The most important part of design is to get feedback from as many people as possible (which is exactly what you are doing).
I believe +Christiane Amanpour  was trying to argue that Holo theme matches the rest of android and he would prefer consistency with the OS then the current color template.
+Quirijn Groot Bluemink Don't you like staying on the same screen and still have control over all the options ? Don't you like not having to use back button at all ?  :-)
Way better than the weird blue background of the current Google music. I wish they would use a flat color instead of that textured blue background...
+Anthony Restaino Flat colors do not look as good generally.  You usually want at least some sort of gradient or design or it looks like an old graphic.  The only person who does something like that is Microsoft with their Metro (or Windows 8) UI and that is because they are trying to stress simplicity as their major design goal.

With that said, Google's textured background might seem a little too much and they can tone it down to a softer more subtle pattern (but a flat color would be bad).
+Anthony Restaino +Richard So I'm on CM10.1 on galaxy nexus, using thyrusholo theme, so my backgrounds in apps are completely BLACK. It looks much nicier that google's gradient, especially on amoled screen. I don't know, what you, +Richard So , find oldish in flat colors. As for me, they much more modern, lol.
+Richard So personally I agree with +Pavel Sikun. Flat colors and simplicity are and have been the trend. Just look at Android 4.0 versus 2.3, where +Google got rid of gradient backgrounds and three-dimensional objects and replaced them with flat colored buttons and headers. The weird background in Play Music makes it look cluttered because there is usually tons of text or album art in front of it. Simplicity = Classy
The orange does seem a bit loud, though that could be just because of light theme. Maybe gray would be easier on the eyes.
The settings screen "pop out" is a great feature but I think it should match the color scheme, otherwise it's a huge eyesore. I don't agree with adding "holo blue" like others have mentioned, it wouldn't match well with what you've done (or at least I can't picture it). I think the color you have is good although it would have not been my choice since I do think it's a little dark, specially against a black album cover like on screen #2. Maybe bringing the brightness onto a more yellowish side would help it.
I don't really like the swipe-to-discover idea going on here. On Android swiping away a list item is very strongly associated with removing it. A contextual ActionBar or popup menu would be more appropriate.

swipe-to-discover is more of an iOS paradigm.
Or instead of the swipe, make it a long-press that displays those controls - like the Pocket app.
if this would be an actual app i would pay you good money for it!
I love it. It looks intuitive, I immediately understood what the buttons do, its pleasing to the eyes, minimalistic. Brilliant :)
Gonna keep this in mind for my eventual app... This looks awesome!
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