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Truly the theatre of the absurd.
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very apt. by trying to overcome historical prejudices we are unwittingly creating new ones. it is time for enlightened leadership to move the masses to the right path that can enrich the nation instead of path to division thru negativity. The Gen X Gen Y who are expected to be unshackled by Independence hangover should lead this process. Time to introspect the benefits of electoral processes and how to control prejudices.
The sad part is we have lost the Gen X and Gen Y to materialistic western influences, and they are very remotely connected with Indian values, I dont blame them because they have seen the western world succeed and prosper on materialistic ideas, and they have seen the promise that India once was unfulfilled and forgotten, they have seen the social structure rot and mere caricatures and symbolism for ideals and exemplary conduct. And now when their western ideals are also failing they are confused and left with no direction or destination
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