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Raja Mitra
Infocomm Pro, Corp. Manager & Leader,, Entrepreneur with Asia-Pacific experience.
Infocomm Pro, Corp. Manager & Leader,, Entrepreneur with Asia-Pacific experience.

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Neymar's dazzling goal puts Barcelona ahead of Man. United in international friendly.

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DUNKIRK - A disappointing, underwhelming movie from Christopher Nolan:

Nolan's film is disappointing. It neither manages to capture the sheer scale & magnitude of Dunkirk nor the extent of the human tragedy. As far as war and 2nd World War movies go, this is clearly a below par effort. Here is a citizen's review and a reviewer's review that I couldn't agree with more.

Sorry, don't get what all the fuss is about. It's actually quite boring. Maybe that's the point. The banality of war. In which case, full marks. The first two minutes are exciting – there's a chase – the rest of the film is dull. And I guess it must have been dull. Sitting ducks are dull.

The whole thing was like a very loud fairground ride. I wanted it to end. Partly the void at the core of the film is because we know how it does end. So there's no suspense. But then there's no plot or characterisation to fill that void. And without humanity there's no tension in your mind and heart. It was brilliantly shot, the soundscape was impressive – I imagine that's how bullets sound, hopefully I'll never find out – and it was unrelenting but so is wind.

The few bits of dialogue were hackneyed. It would have been better entirely silent. There were some horribly cliched moments too. Churchill's speech. The cheers of the soldiers when the boats appeared, with Branagh peering through his binoculars like Jack Hawkins (or Captain Mainwaring), made me wince. It could have been a Python piss-take.

A lot of it seemed sub Dickie Attenborough – "Where were you lot?", "You can almost see it", "Is the boy going to be ok?", "He got killed in the first weeks of the war", "Closer to 300,000", "Torpedo!" God the dialogue was weak. Branagh, Murphy, Hardy and Rylance added nothing; to be fair they were given nothing. Harry Styles was quite good, surprisingly. Nice hair. Rarely out of place.

Did I enjoy anything? The soldiers' indifference to the guy walking into the sea. The bleakness of the beach. The white cliffs of Dorset. The fact that nobody won.

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In an astonishing comment, the Vice Chancellor of JNU, a premier educational institute in Delhi, has requested the army to send him a tank which he plans to park on the premises, apparently in an effort to rekindle 'nationalism' among his students.

May we suggest that he takes a good look again at the 'army tank - student' standoff which took place on Tiananmen Square, Beijing on June 5, 1989. Here is the raw footage again of that standoff.

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When, if ever, will AI be better than humans at just about everything? A host of experts answer that question.
When Will AI Be Better Than Humans at Everything? 352 AI Experts Answer

"Predictions of when machines will make us obsolete seem to come either from AI evangelists or doom-mongers with little practical experience of the field. Now though, researchers have carried out the largest-ever survey of machine learning experts on the subject..."

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The end of the road for Adobe flash will come in 2020.
Adobe Flash will be killed by 2020: Here’s what it means for websites, browsers

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Molveno, Trentino, Italy

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Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is a gorgeous movie and recreates a very important part of WWII. However, it, in no way, glamourizes war.

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Microsoft Paint was up for the axe after about 3 decades. An Internet revolt seems to have saved it for now.

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Changi airport's new terminal will automate departures with face recognition technology, enabling people to go right through without meeting another person.
When a new terminal opens in 2017 at Singapore's Changi Airport, the world's best for five years straight according to a survey, passengers will be able to, in theory, go through check-in to boarding without speaking to another person
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