First, you feed & nurture a Bollywood yarn from the 1970s & 1980s about the wealthy sleeping on cash-filled mattresses and having wads of cash in secret vaults built inside innocuous looking cupboards. Fact is, the Indian economy is at least 80% cash-based and will remain so in the foreseeable future.

Next, without in any way attacking big-ticket corruption, including electoral funding & funding of political parties (the BJP ran a humongously expensive election campaign for the G.E. 2014, with spendings estimated upwards of $5 billion, an all-time record for Indian elections; at least 80% of the funds utilised are not 'explained' or accounted for ), you initiate an old, discredited method of demonetisation whose efficacy is strictly limited and which merely shakes up the stock of unaccounted cash lying around unutilised, without in any way taking care of systemic and structural reforms needed to limit big-ticket as well as small-ticket corruption.

There isn't a move to appoint Lokpals which all parties, including yours, decided on 3 years back. There has been no move even to bring about 'election campaign' funding reforms or oversight of funding of political parties which are among the major components of big ticket corruption and tax evasion. The property market continues to thrive as does the significant 'black component' intrinsic to most deals. The gold, bullion and diamond markets have been on an upward swing of late. There has been no discernible move to ferret out funds taken out of the country & parked overseas and neither has round-tripping of such funds, by way of FDIs, been stemmed in any way. Heck even when the Panama Papers brought up the names & details of certain celebrities & prominent personalities who are invested in the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Cayman Islands and several other offshore tax havens, India is one country which has done nothing discernible about those disclosures, mainly because, as one suspects, the personalities and organisations involved are your party groupies, fund managers and backers.

For details of the #PanamaPapers revelations, pertaining to India, check out this Collection by taking the jump to the link below.

You can't spout or flaunt horseshit statistics by forcing the return of 85% of the cash in use in the marketplace through demonetisation while severely restricting outflow through regulations which could even be illegal and through supply side scarcities created deliberately and through inept planning and pathetic implementation of schemes. In fact ham-handed and sadly inept and ineffective implementation of schemes has been a key feature of your regime till now.

You talk of the cashless and the digital economy knowing well that less than 5% of the population would be able & capable of transacting on an electronic platform today and in the near future. Your Digital India is a sad story today in terms of infrastructure and an implementation plan. Maybe given the insouciance and the arrogance of the unlettered and the ignorant who have been propelled to heights way, way beyond their competence levels and have developed megalomaniacal delusions, you just don't understand facts and ground realities as highlighted by cold hard facts and not the doctored & often falsified figures that your regime is in the habit of putting out regularly.

For some cold, hard facts and ground realities check out the posts accessible through the links below.

Heck, to advance the digital economy, the erstwhile governor, RBI, Raghuram Rajan had initiated UPI (Unified Payment Interface), a huge step towards promoting a cashless economy, at the end of the first quarter of 2016. Without doing anything discernible to refine and advance this RBI initiative, you have now taken to promoting PayTM, a digital wallet organization which is majorly funded by Alibaba of China and which has major security & privacy holes which could facilitate large scale hacking and digital phishing and thefts (more about this in a separate post). Cronies and fund managers & providers win always, even if better and govt.-initiated initiatives have to lose as a result, don't they?

Notwithstanding your Bollywood style theatrics, cheap melodrama and public posturings and rantings which have no factual basis and no substance at all and are calculated to appeal to your rustic base and to bhakts who have parked their mental faculties in their southern nether regions, willingly or opportunistically as the case may be, you are invited to wade into the crowds waiting for hours and, in many cases, days, outside bank branches, in one of your numerous shiny, theatrical outfits, without your convoy of 25 vehicles or 50 elite commandos and gauge how supportive they are of your latest thoughtless demonetisation caper.

And maybe, just maybe, despite your ignorance and your assumed bravura and your exaggerated ex-wrestler's swagger, you will take a little time off to read through the points made by Harsh N Gokhale in this highly pertinent piece.

Do reflect also on the fact that in just 5 days since your thoughtless and pathetically planned & implemented demonetisation caper, the GDP has already been set back by an estimated Rs. 1.5 lakh crores in a mere 5 days. The next time you are fiddling in Tokyo while peddling your faux chaiwalla tales or scratching in Goa, think about the forthcoming chain of events unleashed by your thoughtless, ill-planned caper and the setback and the hurt to many, many middle-class citizens, daily wage earners and struggling farmers, not to speak of the Indian economy, as a result of your actions. #NS
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