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Meister's Blog Statement
Meister is a name, a team which we only share good content and only content for
those who have accessed this website and you are now seeing this site for a
reason.  It is no mistake, it is no wrong choice that you are seeing our
website for the better g...

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Working on my new website, stay tuned & stay awake.  For now please like our Alternative News Facebook page ~

Stay alive people, do not fall behind with the current news that the Mainstream Media is hiding.  

Stay Ahead of the game.

- Raj

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See the wavy clouds? That's Mother Nature. See the dark clouds? That's H.A.A.R.P creating a 2nd layer in UK skies!

You Can Literally See The Grey Cloud Below The Wavy Natural Clouds By Mother Nature.  But When Weather Is Now Controlled By H.A.A.R.P Mother Nature Is Now Destroyed By Severe Heave Rains & Stormy Monsoons Around The Globe.

Man Made Mother Nature

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G4S Conspiracy Leaked, UN Wanted G4S Not To Be Paid Off By UK Officials To Be Slaughtered On Purpose During The Olympics In London 2012.

G4S Wanted All Their Staff To Be Safe, Which Is Why The Military Will Be Murdered During The Olympics.

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Do not forget to add me on FaceBook guys its

I hope to see many friends & many acquaintances requests, if you love the work & the killuminati hype then join me & my crew to learn how we can defeat these ass holes.

Oh & the weather we are having in UK is so man made - Google H.A.A.R.P

Its no joke, its serious.   

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Ghost Rider 2 Talks About Anti Christ, Similar Stories Like
Beyonce & Jay Z With Their Child Ivy Carter Also Known As Lucifer

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Both of these sites currently looking for a NEW RE-DESIGN

Who can help on a low budget RE-DESIGN work?

You will gain benefits from doing the work I want on my site.

Payment will BE made once the site is operational in working order.

Advertisement will also be given to who ever DESIGNS both sites, it is easy as is exactly like what ever changes is made on one site, the other site will reflect from it.

We Are The Future - Raj Meister

Lets Make This Happen So We Can Go Beyond The Future.

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Anyone Willing To Take A Challenge To Re-Design My Sites &

I Want It As It Is Now, If Not Better.

The Site Is Good, But I Need All Codes, Scripts Etc As My Old Host Do Not Have All Codes My New Server Needs.

Which Was Why The Sites Were Down.

I Am Doing This On A Minimum Budget All I Need Is A Re-Design For Both Sites, They Will Have The Same Info As Both Sites Do Now, No Difference Is Needed.
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