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I am a blogger and founder of &
I am a blogger and founder of &

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NFC Keyboard for Android by Elecom *

The NFC Wireless Keyboard for Android is a perfect companion for those of us who write a lot while travelling. Writing on a phone’s touchscreen is not ideal for many reasons, including speed and comfort, but we like portable keyboards even less. However this is not the case with Elecom’s keyboard, because it’s small, foldable and it connects as easy as 1, 2, 3 thanks to NFC.

Also, weighing just 5 ounces, it’s very lightweight. Did we mention it’s so thin you can keep it in your pocket? Another problem that affects today’s gadgets is battery life: from a few hours to a couple of days at most, we cannot use our gadgets for very long without having to charge them. And this is another case when this amazing portable keyboard shines: thanks to its internal lithium ion battery, it can be used for up to 18 months without ever charging it. That’s right, a year-and-a-half of battery life.

This is the world’s first NFC keyboard for Android devices, and you’ll love it.

Here are a few additional details:

Radiowave frequency: 13.56MHz
Transmission distance: 10mm
A key material: Silicon
Key stroke: 1.0mm
Key pitch: 15.0mm
Number of key: 45 keys
External dimensions: 341.0 65.0* 8.6mm
Mass: Approximately 144 g

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Samsung may launch a phonebook that uses voice sample to update Itself

It is well evident that the phone that we used in past, today has changed to Smartphone. It makes sense, therefore, to change its phonebook to smart phonebook.

Another patent filed by Samsung delineating that they are using the same voice sample to update the phonebook of a Smartphone.

Please follow the link to know more -

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Life Hack #5: How to Fold a Shirt/T-Shirt in just 3 Seconds: The Fastest Way

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Life Hack #4: How to Unlock & Reuse Zip ties(Cable ties): 2 easy methods

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How to turn a balloon into a cool smartphone case 

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How to Make Instant CD & DVD Case/Cover out of Paper

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How to Draw a Perfect Circle quickly without using any Instruments

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How to Install or Upgrade RAM Memory in your Desktop Computer(PC)
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