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We Take The Worry Out of Water Since 1953
We Take The Worry Out of Water Since 1953

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What does #water  mean to you?

Hard water affects your home and wallet in a negative way. RainSoft water softeners help your appliances, detergents and soaps last longer - saving you money.

A new study shows bottled water has 24,500 chemicals in it, some that interfere with your hormone receptors. Ease your worries by drinking RainSoft water.

Think your tap water is safe? Think again. Pregnant women may face risks from tap water. Only consume the best water, RainSoft water.

What's your favorite thing about your RainSoft water; better taste, softer skin, saving your appliances, saving money on soaps?
 Let us know what yours is!

Helping consumers realize the benefits of cleaner, healthier water is an ongoing RainSoft commitment. Whether it be here in the US or halfway around the world, RainSoft water treatment systems can be found in homes just like yours.
 And when families in China demand the best water possible, who do they turn to? RainSoft... of course!

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RainSoft wants you to know what is in your water. Click on your state to find out what is in your local drinking water.

Looking to make your home more environmentally friendly? Install a RainSoft water conditioner. Click to see the benefits of water treatment in the home.

Did you know that RainSoft also has a line of residential air purification systems? Our AirMaster Ultra disinfects the air throughout your entire home.
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