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SMS/Whatsapp/Wechat/Line/Kakao, or use any other Android apps on Win/Mac with #AirDroid3:

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Is anyone running an online game on weekends that is looking for a player? Or barring that, anyone looking to join a weekend game? I am tempted to run a game set in the Achtung Cthuhlu setting.

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Time to remember the past.

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Oh my gosh!!!!
Rumor: Star Tours To Get The Force Awakens Expansion

Who's excited ?

Purportedly, this expansion will come in the form of a new mission that will tie directly into Episode VII. It is currently being developed...

H/T +The Star Wars Underworld

#StarWars #TheForceAwakens #StarTours 

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Ping me if you have not been invited already.
Hey Inboxers: you have more invites to share. Plus, friends you invite now get invites of their own from the start!

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Awesome sauce!!!!
The New Age Bullshit Generator randomly generates hilariously plausible, touchy-feely psychotech-quantum babble!  Farm-out man! Right-arm!

For a more compact version of this much-deserved satire, see:

But I recommend delving into the intellectual grand-daddy of New Age/postmodernist satirical debunkery, the "Sokal Hoax."

Let us never forget, bullshit thrives near all fanaticisms. And although the biggest threat right now to our rational enlightenment is the "bullshit mountain" of the Fox'd right, there is definitely a far wing of the other side that wallows in insipid fantasy. If you cannot turn your head and acknowledge this, then you have Fused Political Spine Disease and you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Get an ideological chiropractor.  Re learn how to turn your head and see that dangers in all directions.

Google Inbox invites. I have them. Though it looks as if the flood gates are opening. Ping me if you would like one.

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Ideas, ideas, ideas...
Everything you need to know about crispy chicken wings can be found right HERE:
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