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Today is Monday, 14 July 2014.
Back in 2008 on same day, date and month, I stepped into this IT(mighty) world of ‪#‎Drupal‬. This journey of Being Drupaler was/is/will be awesome. ‪#‎6YearsOfDrupal‬  ‪ #Drupal
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Drupal visits town this April.

Pune Drupal Community invites you for Drupal camp Pune 2014 to be held on 5th and 6th April. Pune home of open source with students/colleges neck deep in open source is proud to host Drupal this spring. We are hoping to put developers back at helm with focus on high quality tech talks, workshops, sprints and pure unadulterated fun.

Pune is home to some fine Drupal developers and we will love to host you. This is an announcement post with specifics to follow, please feel free to reach out to
if you wish to volunteer or sponsor this event.

Mark your calendars, this!! I promise will be fun!
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बिकने वाले और भी हैं, जाओ जा कर ख़रीद लो...
हम लोग 'कीमत' से नहीं 'क़िस्मत' से मिला करते हैं...
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Just a overview... questions are welcome... ;)
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उस को मुझसे बड़ी मोहब्बत हैं;
ख्वाब होते ही खुबसूरत है!!!
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मुझे इश्तिहार-सी लगती हैं,
ये मोहब्बतों की कहानियां ;

जो कहा नहीं, वो सुना करो,
जो सुना नहीं, वो कहा करो...!!!
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About: Want to know and work with Drupal starting to end. So this event is for you.

Pre-requisites: Laptop with Linux, Drupal 7 setup, Git

Day 1) 14th Feb:

Drupal :- Demand in market, Experience talk  (Dipen Chaudhary) - 15 min
What’s new in Drupal 8? (Piyuesh) - 45mins
Develop website in Drupal :- hands on case study - 3 hour  (Sharique , Deepak)
How to use views in Drupal website? (hands on case study) (Raviish, Ashwini Kumar )- 2 hour
How to use Panels in Drupal website? (hands on case study) -(Ajit, Rahul) 2 hour
Day 2) 15th Feb:

Introduction with Drupal API’s talk
Custom theme development in Drupal? (Prasad Shirgaonkar)
Custom module development in Drupal? (Raviish, Ajit)
GIT session (Ashwini Kumar)
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