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Rahul S Nair
meh :/
meh :/


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Device : Moto G4/G4 plus

build type : test build

Contains possible fix for dev settings

* frp prop is assumed to be causing the dev settings FC

If it doesn't fix it you might wanna clean flash this build.
Pls report back.

Have a great day.

For Moto G4 Plus Users

OMS added 3.6 test build
Install Substratum from playstore , test and report back.
Might wanna install supersu since dev settings wont open.

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+Alex Cruz You deserve this
To Alex Cruz

So I get off of work. Enjoying my day, then I finally check my phone. Open hangouts and get a screenshot of Alex Cruz, once again talking shit. He has nothing better to do with his fat ass life, but stalk the shit out of my source and find something to post on his wack ass Collections.

So the bullshit coming from Alex today is apparently we ripped off our OTA app from PA. You know the one that's open source? You know, the one we've been using since Marshmallow, but 5 Months later this obese fuck decides dig up. So let me explain to the people that may be confused and acceptive of this idiots cry baby behavior.

COTA (CypherOS OTA) was added in our marshmallow releases. It was based off of ParanoidHub. It was originally imported from PA's keeping all commit history and we worked on top of it. When we rebased our source for nougat, I deleted all of our repos from Github, and completely forgot I didn't have a local copy of COTA. So a team member pushed it back to Github for me, but commit history was gone. We added our own stuff to it, Global tracking, fixed up the versioning and install process etc. And recently I rewrote the whole UI in itself. PA still has its license all over it. Its even in the documentation, that its a derivative of ParanoidHub. Even after inspecting the code myself. The original code is practically the same as CMUpdater, some code is even from Omni's OTA. All of this was there before we even started working on it ourselves.

So to Alex Cruz, FUCK OFF dude. You're an old lonely bastard with nothing else to do but whine and start shit. Everything in the community was cool and drama free until you got your period and started crying to your users. You're pathetic. Find something better to do instead of butt raping my source. I have no clue what you're trying to accomplish here. Turn everyone against us? Take us off of XDA? Dude I don't give a fuck if no one likes us. I didn't start this project for anyone to like us. You prey off of publicity, like a 18 yr old diva whore. Not us. How about you stop being a little bitch and unblock me and everyone else you talk shit about and block like a little punk?

COTA isn't a kang. Don't care how you put it. Don't care how much code you "Inspect". Our OTA app is OURS and we worked pretty damn hard to make it what it is. If anyone isn't on this idiots block list, be sure to forward the message for me.

Sincerely, fuck you from the CypherOS team锘

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