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Top 40 posts about Google+ from the past week - 22/07/12
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1. Google+ grows 43% in June – reaches 31,9 million unique visitors in the US, new numbers from Compete shows - By +Morten Myrstad
2. G+ on your Gmail - By +Tom Voute
3. Sharing your own circles? Let's take a look at some #etiquette points. - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
4. Creating unofficial Google+ Help Guidebook - By +Jari Huomo
5. Time for Goobies or Google+ newcomers! :-) - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
6. Quick Google+ How-to-do - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
7. Suggested User List Update - By +Neeta Tolani
8. Going round in circles... - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
9. What is copyright? Image use permissions - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
10. Google+ Users are more satisfied than others.. - By +Rahul Roy
An interactive social graph tool for G+ enables you to explore relations - By +Max Huijgen ►

11. Ignoring people: Things to remember - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
12. blue pill, red pill facebook google - By +Robert Redl
13. 5 Golden Rules for New Google+ Users - By +Amir Abbas
14. Who can see your posts? - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
15. Google Plus vs. Facebook... What vs. Who! - By +Ronnie Bincer
16. Google+ has become addictive - By +Martin G Lake
17. Why Google+ integration into Google News is Awesome! - By +Rahul Roy
18. Google is pleased with the growth of Google+ - By +Rahul Roy
19. Author Stats Returns To Google Webmaster Tools - By +Rahul Roy
20. How To Auto-Publish Your Blog Posts To Your Google+ Page - By +Mark Traphagen
21. Wanted to record the #WilliamShatnerWednesday so here's the activity graphed on +NOD3x  - By +Lee Smallwood
22. What does MAYBE mean?... (G+ Events Tip) - By +Ronnie Bincer
23. To block or not to block - that is the question - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
24. Is Google+ The Best Social Network For Marketers After All? - By +Eli Fennell
25. 'Timeline' of all the useful Google+ posts - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
26. What is your passion? - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
27. Limits on circles - By +Shamil Weerakoon
28. Circle the Solar System - By +Fraser Cain
29. Maker Camp on Google+ will be a blast! - By +MAKE
30. What about the topics in your posts? - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
31. Circle here, circle there? - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
32. i have won the lottery! - By +Jens Graikowski
33. Birthday Notifications Arrive on Google+ - By +Linda Lawrey
34. Updating Google+ Brand pages from Hootsuite - By +Rahul Roy
35. Sharing Quality Content On Google+ - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
36. Google+ account migration status: Confused - By +Joost Schuur
37. +Readtracker - Work in Progress / Experimental - By +Gerwin Sturm
38. Google Apps Users can add others to Circles through GChat - By +Rahul Roy
39. [pic]Some Say Ghost Town? - By +G+ Ghost Town
40. 11 TOP Google+ Photographs for July 16 - By +Kol Tregaskes
41. What do you like best about Google+? - By +Google+ Help (Unofficial)
42. *G+ is helping me think like a reporter. * - By +Tom Knight (journalist)
43. Google is Acquiring Part Of Design Firm Cuban Council For Google+ - By +Rahul Roy
44. Google+ for marketers (interview with +Chris Lang) - By +Mike Elgan


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Fabulous, +Rahul Roy . Thanks for pulling all this information together. Now I just need about 3 days to read through all of it. :)
Holy smokes! Thanks for making me number 2!
Zomg! **orange juice spit take**  I'm in this circle, LOL!  I was just being nosy and bam! there I was.  Thank you, +Rahul Roy :)
LOL Laurie Wade!!! funny! and yes, I too thank you Rahul Roy for sharing me this circle. :)
Laurie, I'm his number 2 but not in his circle. Well hey.
Thanks for the new list, +Rahul Roy! There's always a good read I missed in it :) Oh yes, and thanks again for including me in the circle (although I haven't really posted anything noteworthy this week).
every day more and more improving Rahul
Thank you dear friend
Another excellent Top 40 Compendium +Rahul Roy 

It would cool if there was a "polling" feature for a G+ Post where we could rank and elevate individual entries • in which case I would VOTE UP entries #19 + #21 + #34 + #35 as the best of this Top 40  
Yessss! First appeaeance!
+Rahul Roy you could create a docs spreadsheet, put all the posts in it and then create a Google Docs form and link to it.

And BTW, nice list, again :) Thanks. 
Maybe the guys from +CircleCount are working on a polling feature since their latest version scores/rates our "most popular" posts in their engine. Who knows, maybe this will end up being a "premium" feature on G+ which could be a method to monetize the platform vs. the AdWords feed that I'm sure is on its way?
+Rahul Roy Excellent work as usual but you failed to emphasise one of the most important and exciting G+ news stories broken by +Neeta Tolani on how our very favourite Indian student has made the Google Suggested User list  :-)
Thank you very much, +Rahul Roy 
I will have to go through this later. 

I am having problems with my Internet connection these days... That's why

Thanks Again!!
Thank you so much for the "Friendship Group circle"
Anita TIna
You continue to put out some great links +Rahul Roy - once again thanks for collating these tips which help to make everyone's experience on G+ so much better!
Interesting point +Neil Ferree, thanks for the mention!
We are not planning a voting system yet, but a user generated "What's hot" could be interesting, though in the first thought it is nothing else than a ranking of posts ordered by +1s ;)

But it reminds me of something we have quite finished and forgot to launch #blush ;)
It's something like a fanstream ;)

btw: great post +Rahul Roy like every week!
+Rahul Roy great gathering of helpful posts about G+!
Keep it up... seems to be working well for you and all the rest of the Google Plus-a-Verse! (Thanks for choosing some of my posts here again)
+Rahul Roy Rahul! Nice to see that my 43% growth post has performed so great, and even made it to the top on your sharing list! Thanks a lot!
Great +Rahul Roy The social graph of G+ is a huge asset for everyone on G+
Wow, made it in to the legendary top 40 post picks by +Rahul Roy at number 39! Thanks for leaving no stone unturned when it comes to posts on G+. (Don't know how you do it!)
G+ obavezan uz google;malo tesko za povezati dok to covjeku ne ude u naviku. Nisam dosada imao web konekciju,ali sada mi sve izgleda normalno. Morao sam pobrisati hrpu apps,ali se isplati. Znaci-ukoliko koristis google za svoj glavni preglednik,moras ga povezati(kao i sve sto radis)sa G+. OK! Nadalje tako! Pozdrav svima!
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