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Google+ is all about helping others..
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What software did you use to create the flowchart?
Hmm, why no arrow from "Help Others" to "Post interessting stuff"? I thought "helping others" could also be post interesting stuff. Like links to pages or share circles with them.

btw. great chart!
So, only people who need help should post interesting stuff? And if you need help, like I did the other day to figure out how to link to other profiles, just ask Google.
+rahul roy nicely done buddy :) be interesting to see this develop e.g. Possible links to your / others posts based on interests or type of help ...

+William Remski need help? ----> circle people of your interest --> interact with them --> post interesting stuff --> Help others.
Conclusion: It's all about giving.
its nice to see that google+ approaches to a community spirit and inter-help.
+Jaana Nyström I got the answer I wanted in less than a minute (just used the info again to mention you :) and didn't have to find a person who knew what I was looking for or wait for them. I appreciate your offer of help and enjoy interacting with people. I guess my point was that helping yourself with the tools available is a good skill to have, and you don't risk annoying people by asking them obvious questions like so many people do in some of the online games I have played over the years. It's a good thing to want to help other people, and the world would be a different place if that was how society operated.
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